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New Students: Sarah-Jeanne and Pauline - Welcome to Gobstones!

Masters: Aji (abitdifferent, half-blood), Brittany (cleverness, dementedpt1, wonderful), Crissy (fireworks, modernmagic, partners), Maron (sister), Nina (acidpops, celebrity, therightsort), Shell (cafeattack, therightsort)

Games: Group C games have been updated and a weekly Pumpkin Picking game!

Fang-o: Next set of pieces!

Student of the Week: Congratulations to Shalini! ♥

Mirror of Erised: Lots of them granted today! I plan on using the others throughout the month at random times, so make sure you're on the look out. ;)
Sarah-Jeanne - Fall is here! I wish everyone could take a card with a red, yellow or orange border.
MoLi - Cards spelling out HALLOWEEN because it's the best holiday!
Taty - I wish for everyone to get a choice card featuring Hermione
Mariko - 10 choice cards for the tenth month of the year (2 per deck)
Shalini - A random potion ingredient for everyone (visit the randomizer and choose any one of the four that pop up).
Aji - Since the next update happens in October I would like cards that spell out October.

New Decks: You may take a total of 6 cards, but no more than 2 per deck! If you donated/made the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck!

Take these cards:

I want to apologize for delayed responses and whatnot last week. It was extremely busy with my son's surgery and my best friend's wedding. I feel like I could sleep for days right now! I should be able to work on some things this week.

October is the month of pumpkins here at Gobstones! Everyone may take any card that has a pumpkin on it, including new decks! Also, we now have a Halloween shop for the month of October. It is located in Diagon Alley. There's about 5 items in the shop, but I will be adding more this week!

I would like to welcome Randi as our new Herbology professor and Taty as our new Transfiguration professor! ^_^ Class registration began last week! If you have not registered for classes yet, you can do so by visiting your panel and clicking the link that says 'Register for Classes'. Spots are limited for each class, so make sure you register for your favorites before they are filled up! Also, due to some confusion regarding classes, I added more information about them in the handbook. If there is anything that I missed, please let me know! I don't want anyone confused. Classes for term two will officially begin on Wednesday, October 8th.

Victor won the monthly raffle for September (that's two months in a row!) and we sold 76 tickets and raised 1,095 G for school activities! Yay! You can get your raffle tickets for October's raffle by clicking here.

We need ONE more creature image to release the creatures deck! You can view the unfinished deck by clicking here. The first person to submit a valid image URL of a creature (that is not already featured in the deck) in their comment will be used as the last image in the deck. You get a random card in return!

Oh, and everyone who follows @GobstonesTCG on Twitter may take this secret avatar:

Until next update, my friends! :D
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10/21/14 - Jennifer

New Decks: detention04, thirdtask05, whackawizard06, brewglory07, trollboogies08, theexecution09

Wish: (Aji, OCTOBER) garyoldman04, alanrickman09, sorcerersstone07, orderofthephoenix08, gobletoffire07, maggiesmith02, helenacarter16
Wish: (Mariko, 10 choice, 2 per deck) bonniewright16, bonniewright19, davidtennant12, davidtennant14, rupertgrint14, rupertgrint15, tomfelton18, tomfelton19, alanrickman04, alanrickman06
Wish: (MoLi, HALLOWEEN) helenacarter15, alanrickman07, garyoldman03, gobletoffire06, sorcerersstone02, deathlyhallows101, maggiesmith01, orderofthephoenix20, prisonerofazkaban02
Wish: (Sarah-Jeanne, red/yellow/orange bordered card) rupertgrint19
Wish: (Shalini, random ingredient) lacewing
Wish: (Taty, choice Hermione) prisonerofazkaban15

Freebies: layouts03, events14, partners17

Wow, what a busy update! Thanks so much for all of your effort, Kerri.

10/20/14 - Victor

whackawizard01, whackawizard15, theexecution07, theexecution20, detention04, detention19, layouts03, events14, rupertgrint02, therightsort02, 15thanniversary-ootp09, gobletoffire02, riddikulus01, monsterbook07, fireworks02, partners02, fireworks03, knightbus04, hermione, king01, king02, partners05, riddikulus03, secondtask01, secondtask03, propertyof06, propertyof08, sevenpotters01, sevenpotters03, moonstone, therightsort03, danielradcliffe01, knightbus11, monsterbook09, gobletoffire03, rupertgrint03, danielradcliffe05, theexecution11

10/16/14 - Whitney

new decks: theexecution07, theexecution20, thirdtask03, thirdtask10, whackawizard08, whackawizard15
event cards: layouts03, events14, avatar-twitterfollow
mirror of erised (sarah-jeanne): orange; forbidden14
mirror of erised (MoLi): (halloween) howler01, patheticallydim05, occlumency14, nearlyheadless02, propertyof18, worldcup10, monsterbook09, harryattheorder05, flyingcar15
mirror of erised (taty): wonderful05
mirror of erised (mariko): wedding06, wedding07, princestalept112, princestalept113, princestalept202, princestalept204, knightbus02, knightbus03, fireworks14, fireworks15
mirror of erised (shalini): moonstone
mirror of erised (aji): (october) gobletoffire05, blackfamilytree10, emmawatson10, wonderful17, abitdifferent20, cafeattack05, dobbyswarning02

I'm not sure if a ghost counts as a was listed under magical creature on a wiki page so here's an image of helena ravenclaw.

if you're not counting ghosts, feel free to ignore.

Thank you!

10/15/14 - Betty

thirdtask01, thirdtask02, brewglory01, brewglory02, detention01, detention02, layouts03, events14; RED: sherbetlemon05; HERMIONE: cleverness01; HALLOWEEN: helenacarter03, acidpops04, celebrity01, half-blood05, mopingmoaningmyrtle04dobbyswarning03, houseelf03, keeperofkeys02, highinquisitor07; 10 CHOICE: imustnottelllies04, imustnottelllies05, advanceguard01, advanceguard02, ollivanders01, ollivanders02, orphanage02, orphanage03, princestalept101, princestalept102; OCTOBER: modernmagic01, worldcup01, secondtask01, harryattheorder01, bigmistake02, dementedpt101, massbreakout02; spiders

10/13/14 - Morilinde

Okay, here goes!

New Decks: detention09, thirdtask10, whackawizard08, brewglory10, trollboogies08, theexecution11.
Special Cards: layouts03, events14.
Wishes: #1 - evannalynch05. #2 H(howler14) A(acrossthebridge01) L(lastminutepoints20) L(loony01) O(ollivanders20) W(weasleys01) E(evannalynch06) E(evillittlecockroach13) N(nopostonsunday10). #3 -wonderful13. #4 - malicious08, malicious08, loony02, loony03, technicallyaferret03, technicallyaferret04, evannalynch03, evannalynch07, sherbetlemon04, sherbetlemon05. #5 asphodel. #6 O(ollivanders03) C(cafeattack02) T(technicallyaferret07) O(organized06) B(buckbeak03) E(evillittlecockroach01) R(riddikulus01).

Thank you so much!

10/12/14 - Sponge

New Decks: theexecution19, theexecution20, whackawizard19, whackawizard20, trollboogies19, trollboogies20

Mirror (border): theexecution18

Mirror (HALLOWEEN): knightbus05, inthehogshead03, evillittlecockroach04, dumbledorefalls03, cos-moviecover02, hower01, thehearing03, bigmistake03, notshlytherin01

Mirror (Card Hermione): inthehogshead10

Mirror (10 choice cards): knightbus07, knightbus09, inthehogshead05, inthehogshead06, cos-moviecover04, cos-moviecover05, thehearing05, thehearing07, evillittlecockroach02, evillittlecockroach03

Mirror (potion ingredient): bgtt

Mirror (OCTOBER): inthehogshead04, cos-moviecover03, knightbus06, evillittlecockroach05, bigmistake02, thehearing04, dumbledorefalls02

Update: avatar-twitterfollow, layouts03, events14, theexecution07

thank you so much! :)

10/12/14 - Nanami

Mirror of Erised - Sarah-Jeanne: howler14
Mirror of Erised - MoLi: HALLOWEEN: inthehogshead06, abitdifferent03, loony09, helenacarter02, prisonerofazkaban12, wonderful15, partners06, breakin02
Mirror of Erised - Taty: cleverness16
Mirror of Erised - Mariko: loony07, loony08, abitdifferent01, abitdifferent08, weasleys04, weasleys05, veela06, veela08, maraudersmap09, maraudersmap11
Mirror of Erised - Shalini: moonstone
Mirror of Erised - Aji: OCTOBER: harryattheorder03, worldcup05, propertyof14, monsterbook07, knightbus04, extendableears03, theburrow09

New Decks: theexecution03, theexecution09, detention13, thirdtask08, whackawizard15, brewglory03 + layouts03, events14

Update: theexecution10

Thanks and I'm also taking the avatar

10/12/14 - Pauline

Mirror: ginger, theexecution20, organized10, harryattheorder01, blackfamilytree06, katieleung13, spoiledeverything10, youreawizard10, emmawatson01, organized06, davidtennant11, theexecution01, blackfamilytree13, katieleung16, organized02, davidtennant12, emmawatson08, harryattheorder02, massbreakout04, princestalept316, forbidden15, half-blood18, theexecution07, matchbegins06, katieleung17, organized19, blackfamilytree20, davidtennant19, harryattheorder14

Update: theexecution05, theexecution13, whackawizard04, whackawizard15, detention05, detention08, layouts03, events14

Pumpkin: theexecution11

10/11/14 - Meg

Mirror of Erised: davidtennant06, withfriends07, ollivanders17, ollivanders19, abitdifferent05, abitdifferent06, chamberofsecrets12, chamberofsecrets13, knightbus10, knightbus12, maraudersmap06, maraudersmap07, asphodel

HALLOWEEN: 15thanniversary-ootp01, abitdifferent07, blackfamilytree02, flyingcar01, chamberofsecrets15, fireworks01, checkmate09, harryattheorder01, knightbus13

OCTOBER: ollivanders20, welcometohogwarts01, hogwartsexpress02, jkrowling05, theburrow01, modernmagic20, worldcup01

New Decks: brewglory08, brewglory13, detention08, detentiontheexecution13, theexecution08, theexecution13, layouts03, events14

Update: theexecution07

Thank you!

10/11/14 - Sarah-Jeanne

Mirror of Erised (Sarah-Jeanne) : theexecution12

Mirror of Erised (HALLOWEEN) : deathlyhallows112, organized01, gobletoffire14, shesbeautiful11, spoiledeverything01, wizardbank01, veela09, theexecution20, emmawatson06

Mirror of Erised (Taty) : organized20

Mirror of Erised (Mariko) : organized04, organized06, theexecution01, theexecution04, spoiledeverything02, spoiledeverything06, veela10, veela11, gobletoffire02, gobletoffire13

Mirror of Erised (Shalini) : ginger

Mirror of Erised (Aji) : organized07, theexecution11, spoiledeverything20, emmawatson12, gobletoffire01, veela12, wizardbank20

New decks : theexecution17, theexecution18, detention01, brewglory06, thirdtask19, trollboogies02, layouts03, events14

Update : theexecution07

Thanks a bunch!

10/11/14 - Nicolie

New Decks: detention09, thirdtask10, whackawizard16, brewglory13, trollboogies14, theexecution11, layouts03, events14
Pumpkin: prisonerofazkaban18
Orange Border: forbidden08
Hermione: orderofthephoenix06
10 Choices: orderofthephoenix03, orderofthephoenix09, abitdifferent01, abitdifferent19, cafeattack03, cafeattack19, acidpops02, acidpops05, emmawatson03, emmawatson15
Random Ingredient: lovage
(H) orderofthephoenix18, (A) princestalept309, (L) gobletoffire11, (L) occlumency03, (O) acidpops09, (W) emmawatson07, (E) forbidden04, (E) cafeattack09, (N) abitdifferent20
(O) acidpops19, (C) cafeattack17, (T) abitdifferent07, (O) emmawatson11, (B) forbidden13, (E) occlumency13, (R) orderofthephoenix16

Thank you!

10/11/14 - Sanna

New Decks: detention05, detention19, trollboogies09, trollboogies03, brewglory06, brewglory18,

Events: layouts03, events14

Mirror of Erised (Sarah-Jeanne): hogwartsexpress07
Mirror of Erised (MoLi): hogwartsexpress18, unfairtactics17, veela01, veela20, worldcup01, fireworks06, fireworks09, fireworks12, unfairtactics06
Mirror of Erised (Taty): trollboogies18
Mirror of Erised (Mariko): unfairtactics07, unfairtactics15, veela02, veela15, weasleys15, weasleys19, worldcup09, worldcup11, youreawizard11, youreawizard15
Mirror of Erised (Shalini): horns
Mirror of Erised (Aji): worldcup20, worldcup02, hogwartsexpress11, worldcup07, trollboogies11, veela18, fireworks13


10/11/14 - Kathryn

Updates - layouts03,events14, thirdtask10, thirdtask09, trollboogies14, trollboogies07, detention07, and detention09.
Mirror of Erised:
card with a red, yellow or orange border - rupertgrint18. H - fourthchampion01, A - todiagonalley19, L - patheticallydim18, L - blackfamilytree08, O - acrossthebridge06, W - deathlyhallows116, E - breakin01, E - abitdifferent17, and N - detention01. a choice card featuring Hermione - patheticallydim06. 10 choice cards - patheticallydim17, patheticallydim19, fourthchampion14, fourthchampion15, acrossthebridge02, acrossthebridge04, abitdifferent03, abitdifferent04, todiagonalley02, and todiagonalley08. A random potion ingredient - berries. O - fourthchampion10, c - patheticallydim03, t - todiagonalley13, o - acrossthebridge20, b - abitdifferent19, e - blackfamilytree20, and r - breakin16.

10/09/14 - Taty

Woah! A lot of cards from wishes!

Mirror of Erised:
Sarah-Jeanne - devidtennant04
MoLi - Hogwartsexpress05, helenAcarter01, fLyingcar01, Loony01, Organized01, Weasleys05, clEverness08, vEela01, Notslytherin01
Taty - cleverness09
Mariko - cleverness13, cleverness15, kiss01, kiss02, organized03, organized04, acidpops13, acidpops20, knight02, knight05
Shalini - A moonstone
Aji - Organized05, flyingCar02, noTslytherin02, lOony02, sherBetlemon02, clEverness16, helenacarteR02

New Decks: theexecution11, theexecution17, detention03, detention04, whackawizard08, whackawizard16

Update: layouts03, events14, theexecution07

Thank you so much!

10/09/14 - Shalini

Mirror of Erised: nopostonsunday09, half-blood10, princestalept219, princestalept220, princestalept312, half-blood11, fireworks02, princestalept317, princestalept318, princestalept319, finalbattle08, princestalept320, abitdifferent03, abitdifferent04, fireworks07, fireworks09, half-blood13, half-blood14, orphanage05, orphanage07, riddikulus08, boomslang, half-blood17, acrossthebridge01, abitdifferent07, acrossthebridge02, abitdifferent08, abitdifferent10, abitdifferent12

New Decks: detention01, detention02, trollboogies03, trollboogies04, brewglory05, brewglory06

Donated: detention03, trollboogies01, brewglory07

New Event and Layout cards: layouts03, events14

Took theexecution07


10/09/14 - Mariko

Kerri, you spoil us with wishes, goodness!!
Wishes: howler16; howler17, maraudersmap13, deathlyhallows103, gobletoffire06, chamberofsecrets16, emmawatson01, orderofthephoenix09, prisonerofazkaban04, helenacarter01; deathlyhallows113l; howler19, chamberofsecrets17/19, maraudersmap15/16, orderofthephoenix13/15, prisonerofazkaban08/11, gobletoffire09; asphodelorderofthephoenix16, cockroach03, deathlyhallows104, prisonerofazkaban12, gobletoffire10, emmawatson02, maraudersmap17
New cards: layouts03, events14, brewglory03/15, whackawizard08/14 (omg who came up with that name it's brilliant), detention06/15
Pumpkins: theexecution07
Twitter: secret avatar (Twitter follow)

10/08/14 - Cami

Mirror or Erised (Sarah-Jeanne): notslytherin01

Mirror of Erised (MoLi / HALLOWEEN): notslytherin02, emmawatson06, danielradcliffe01, evannalynch01, polyjuicepotion01, fireworks01, abitdifferent01, maraudersmap01, wonderful03

Mirror of Erised (Taty): wonderful04

Mirror of Erised (Mariko): emmawatson07, emmawatson08, abitdifferent02, abitdifferent03, evannalynch02, evannalynch03, fireworks04, fireworks05, wonderful05, wonderful06

Mirror of Erised (Shalini): ginger

Mirror of Erised (Aji / OCTOBER): emmawatson10, cleverness01, abitdifferent04, dhtriopromo04, bonniewright01, evannalynch05, wonderful07

New Decks: detention05, detention09, thirdtask06, thirdtask17, theexecution01, theexecution16

Update Freebies: layouts03, events14, theexection11

10/08/14 - MoLi

Whoops, forgot to finish. DX

New decks: whackawizard09, whackawizard10, theexecution12, theexecution13, thirdtask11, brewglory15
Special Cards: layouts03, events14

10/08/14 - MoLi

Mirror of Erised (Sarah-Jeanne): shesbeautiful19
Mirror of Erised (MoLi): knightbus06, evillittlecockroach11, evillittlecockroach10, evillittlecockroach09, evillittlecockroach08, emmawatson05, evillittlecockroach07, evillittlecockroach06, knightbus07
Mirror of Erised (Taty): cleverness02
Mirror of Erised (Mariko): knightbus09, knightbus10, cleverness04, cleverness05, evillittlecockroach04, evillittlecockroach03, loony01, loony02, spoiledeverything08, spoiledeverything10
Mirror of Erised (Shalini): unicorn-blood
Mirror of Erised (Aji): evillittlecockroach01, cleverness07, spoiledeverything01, spoiledeverything04, heartbroken16, spoiledeverything05, spoiledeverything12

10/07/14 - Maron

Mirror of Erised:
- yuleball05
- helenacarter02, princestalept214, princestalept303, wonderful13, loony03, fireworks01, patheticallydim02, shesbeautiful05, wedding01
- wonderful15
- princestalept215, princestalept216, princestalept306, princestalept310, wonderful16, wonderful17, yuleball07, yuleball08, shesbeautiful06, shesbeautiful07
- beetles
- wonderful18, princestalept217, princestalept315, loony04, shesbeautiful08, yuleball09, fireworks02

New Decks:
thirdtask10, thirdtask13, whackawizard02, brewglory04, trollboogies02, theexecution10, layouts03, events14

Thanks and taking the avatar :)

10/07/14 - Michi

Here is what I got!

New Decks: thirdtask06, theexecution07, brewglory14, brewglory18, whackawizard08, detention05
1 Card with a pumpkin: theexecution10
2 event cards: layouts03, events14, secret avatar
1 Card with a red, yellow or orange border: evannalynch19
HALLOWEEN: evillittlecockroach01, danielradcliffe20, loony04, cleverness18, emmawatson19, wonderful18, veela06, mopingmoaningmyrtle06, organized08
1 Choice card featuring Hermione: gobletoffire11
10 Choice Cards: evannalynch17, evannalynch18, davidtennant17, davidtennant19, alanrickman03, alanrickman12, half-blood12, half-blood18, abitdifferent12, abitdifferent20
1 Random Potion Ingredient: unicorn-blood
OCTOBER: loony12, patheticallydim14, partners18, therightsort15, brewglory16, weasleys20, rupertgrint19

thank you! :D

10/07/14 - Crissy

Fall: howler01
Halloween: evillittlecockroach05, extendableears06, imustnottelllies10, wonderful07, illgowithyou02, worldcup01, breakin02, heartbroken01, loony09
Hermione: wonderful08
10 choice: extendableears10, extendableears11, imustnottelllies11, imustnottelllies12, loony10, loony11, wonderful09,wonderful13, evillittlecockroach06, evillittlecockroach07
Ingredient: unicorn-blood
October: imustnottelllies16, evillittlecockroach11, extendableears12, loony12, breakin03, wonderful15,worldcup03

New decks: theexecution06, theexecution17, detention05, thirdtask0, whackawizard07, brewglory12
Free: layouts03, events14
Pumpkin: theexecution10
Avatar: avatar-twitterfollow


10/06/14 - Vermillion

Mirror: perspective04, peverellbrothers01, partners07, loony01, wonderful10, deathlyhallows117, partners08, evillittlecockroach08, 15thanniversary-ootp02, wonderful20, partners10, partners11, loony02, loony03, peverellbrothers02, peverellbrothers04, evillittlecockroach01, evillittlecockroach02, deathlyhallows103, deathlyhallows104, wonderful02, evillittlecockroach03, partners12, deathlyhallows105, cockroach01, blackfamilytree01, jinxedbroom01, helenacarter01

New Decks: theexecution10, theexecution20, brewglory03, brewglory20, thirdtask10, thirdtask17

Updates: partners17, layouts03, events14

10/06/14 - Nina

  Sarah-Jeanne - hogwartsexpress11
  MoLi - hogwartsexpress07, hogwartsexpress09, flyinglesson01, flyinglesson02, dobbyswarning01, theburrow20, theoryofcharms06, theoryofcharms08, inthehogshead01
  Taty - organized01
  Mariko - hogwartsexpress11, hogwartsexpress12, theburrow02, theburrow03, theoryofcharms04, theoryofcharms14, dobbyswarning02, dobbyswarning05, flyinglesson03, flyinglesson08
  Shalini - lacewing
  Aji - theburrow06, theoryofcharms16, theburrow08, theoryofcharms17, dobbyswarning06, inthehogshead05, dobbyswarning07

detention01, detention02, trollboogies03, trollboogies04, brewglory05, brewglory06, layouts03, events14

Thanks! I'm also taking that lovely avatar.

10/06/14 - Shell

red/orange/yellow border - cleverness01


hermione - organized06

10 choice (2 per deck) - withfriends03, withfriends08, wedding09, wedding10, king01, king02, princestalept202, princestalept204, dhtriopromo01, dhtriopromo04

a potion ingredient - fluxweed


detention03, thirdtask10, whackawizard05, brewglory17, trollboogies18, theexecution20, layouts03, events14

pumpkin - theexecution07

thank you

10/06/14 - Aji

- Update: theexecution03

- Mirror of Erised: evannalynch03; HALLOWEEN: orphanage07, alanrickman06, princestalept215, princestalept310, emmawatson08, unbreakablevow04, evannalynch05, cleverness02, tomfelton01; cleverness03; alanrickman09, alanrickman10, emmawatson10, emmawatson11, orphanage10, orphanage13, princestalept216, princestalept217, princestalept312, princestalept313; dittany; OCTOBER: emmawatson12, alanrickman11, princestalept219, orphanage14, unbreakablevow06, evannalynch06, princestalept314

- New Decks: theexecution01, theexecution02, whackawizard01, whackawizard02, brewglory01, brewglory02


10/06/14 - Bree

New Decks: whackawizard01, whackawizard02, theexecution01, theexecution02, thirdtask01, thirdtask02
Freebies: layouts03, events14
Mirror of Erised - MoLi: nearlyheadless02, emmawatson18, alosingbattle02, finalbattle05, worldcup04, bonniewright13, heartbroken03, weasleys03, rupertgrint05
Mirror of Erised - Taty: heartbroken10
Mirror of Erised - Shalini: moonstone
Mirror of Erised - Aji: bonniewright11, worldcup05, finalbattle06, emmawatson19, alosingbattle05, weasleys04, heartbroken10
Mirror of Erised - Sarah-Jeanne: rupertgrint06
Mirror of Erised - Mariko: bonniewright08, bonniewright09, emmawatson20, alosingbattle06, alosingbattle08, finalbattle07, finalbattle09, heartbroken04, heartbroken05, weasleys05
Pumpkin: theexecution07


10/06/14 - Brittany

Mirror: howler03, highinquisitor20, breakin07, princestalept103, alosingbattle04, acrossthebridge15, howler07, buckbeak17, finalbattle01, king17, breakin17, breakin09, breakin10, buckbeak07, buckbeak08, cockroach09, cockroach10, howler08, howler09, partners16, partners20, fluxweed, acrossthebridge16, buckbeak09, partners08, polyjuicepotion03, breakin12, wedding13, howler10

Updates: theexecution01, theexecution02, theexecution03, whackawizard05, whackawizard04, detention05, detention06, layouts03, events14

Deck Maker: detention01, thirdtask02, whackawizard03, brewglory04, trollboogies05, theexecution06