Please Log In To Comment              09.27.14

New Students: Clare, Vermillion - Welcome to Gobstones!

Masters: Aji (princestalept1), Brittany (checkmate, maraudersmap, perspective, unbreakablevow), Maron (organized, princestalept1), Nicolie (davidtennant), Nina (checkmate), Victor (prisonerofazkaban)

Games: Group B games have been updated! I also added Daily Games this past Wednesday! More will be coming soon! <3

Fang-o: This is for ROUND 3! Please clear your Fang-o cards! If you are changing your card, you must send your new card to me before playing!

Student of the Week: Crissy! Congratulations! ^_^

Mirror of Erised: Just so you all know, all of the desires are stored in the database. So if yours isn't picked during an update, it could be in the future!

Nina - a card featuring luna lovegood
MoLi -a choice card from your favorite movie for everyone
Maron - I wish for everyone a choice card with a female person
Jennifer - I'd like to double the result of all the other wishes in this update. :)

New Decks: You may take a total of 10 cards, but no more than 2 per deck! If you donated/made the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck! (Aji gets TWO extra from Gary Oldman, Helena Carter; Maron gets TWO from Loony)

I'm updating a couple of days early because on Monday (our normal update days), my son has to have surgery at 6 AM. And I'm dedicated to get updates out to you all in a timely manner!

I'd like to welcome Nicolie as our new Astronomy professor! She will be starting at the beginning of 2nd term and I am very excited to see what she has to offer in her classroom! ^_^ We are still in need of Herbology and Transfiguration professors! I am working on a class script for registration and managing the classes, so being a professor will be getting a lot easier! Term 2 is right around the corner! Ahhhh!

Everyone's profile now shows their "about me" or "biography". You can put whatever you want here, with a limit of 255 characters (I think). And if you haven't noticed, on Thursday I added everyone's wands to their profile! I was super happy about adding it and other tiny details. :D I really love personalizing everything on the site, so I'll probably be doing this a lot, haha!

There is also a new service in Knockturn Alley (Shops)... you can order a custom wand. However, these services do not come cheap. Since the witches and wizards offering these services in Knockturn Alley are using dark magic to manipulate your account, they need to charge a lot more. And there may or may not be consequences to using these services, too. Bewareeee!

Last update I mentioned that there will be a bit of autumn cleaning going on. All card logs and Gringotts logs will be reset, which means you should get the information you need from them before September 30th! Also, all house points will be reset! I'm not sure if I want to reset every term versus every "year", so I'm going to test out how every term goes first and then decide if I want to change it at the end of this school year.

I can't wait for a bunch of new features coming up this season! Fall and Winter are my favorite for holiday activities, so I'm going to be all over them! Look forward to Potterween with Riddikulus, but then... Thanksgiving Special, Advent Calendar, Secret Santa, and SO MUCH MORE! I can't contain my excitement, you guys!

Oh! And I'm dying to give out this new secret avatar! It has to do with Snape, yo.

See you all next time! <3 <3

PS. My husband found the toad in our yard. I totally got flat on the ground to take that picture of the toad JUST FOR GOBSTONES. I hope you all know how much I love you all, haha!
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10/16/14 - Whitney

new decks: backtothecup03, backtothecup07, garyoldman13, garyoldman15, deathlyhallows106, deathlyhallows113, weasleys02, weasleys14, veela02, veela08
mirror of erised (nina): abitdifferent09, abitdifferent13
mirror of erised (MoLi): orderofthephoenix05, orderofthephoenix06
mirror of erised (maron): sister10, sister11

thank you!

10/14/14 - Betty

killedharrypotter01, killedharrypotter02, helenacarter01, helenacarter02, cockroach01, cockroach02, finalbattle01, finalbattle02, deathlyhallows101, deathlyhallows102; MOVIE: imustnottelllies02, imustnottelllies03; FEMALE: highinquisitor05, highinquisitor06; loony01, loony02

10/11/14 - Sanna

New Decks: veela11, veela16, weasleys02, weasleys11, loony13, loony12, cockroach05, garyoldman18, garyoldman03, helenacarter12

Mirror of Erised (Nina): loony02, loony11
Mirror of Erised (MoLi): unfairtactics14, unfairtactics16
Mirror of Erised (Maron): veela03, veela10

10/05/14 - Kathryn

card featuring luna lovegood - loony07. a choice card from your favorite movie for everyone - fourthchampion19. everyone a choice card with a female person - fourthchampion11. double the result of all the other wishes in this update - loony17, fourthchampion20, and patheticallydim05.

10/04/14 - Kathryn

I am going to comment twice. Here are my update cards deathlyhallows107, deathlyhallows106, loony01, loony20, weasleys15, weasleys16, killedharrypotter13, killedharrypotter08, finalbattle02, and finalbattle20.

10/04/14 - Meg

Mirror of Erised: abitdifferent11, loony01, sorcercersstone10, prisonerofazkaban03, youvegotdirt15, nearlyheadless19

New Decks: weasleys08, weasleys13, garyoldman08, garyoldman13, loony08, loony13, deathlyhallows108, deathlyhallows113, backtothecup08, backtothecup13

10/04/14 - Sarah-Jeanne

Mirror of Erised : loony14, loony15, gobletoffire07, gobletoffire10, organized03, organized13

New decks : deathlyhallows110, deathlyhallows111, veela07, veela08, weasleys14, weasleys15, helenacarter03, helenacarter05, finalbattle06, finalbattle18

Thanks! Hope everything went well with the surgery :)

10/03/14 - Nicolie

New Decks: garyoldman05, garyoldman18, finalbattle06, finalbattle18, cockroach04, cockroach12, loony05, loony17, deathlyhallows102, deathlyhallows117

Luna: orderofthephoenix08, abitdifferent05
Favorite Movie: orderofthephoenix14, orderofthephoenix20
Female: abitdifferent04, abitdifferent11


10/03/14 - Michi

Here is what I got -

1 card featuring luna lovegood: abitdifferent09

1 choice card from your fave movie: gobletoffire13

1 choice female card: evannalynch20

Double the wishes!: abitdifferent13, gobletoffire14, evannalynch16

New Decks: veela02, veela11, loony09, loony15, weasleys13, weasleys17, cockroach12, killedharrypotter19, finalbattle12, deathlyhallows103

Thank you :D

10/03/14 - Nanami

Mirror of Erised: abitdifferent04, abitdifferent13, maraudersmap03, maraudersmap08, loony12, loony14
New Decks: loony05, loony20, helenacarter08, helenacarter14, weasleys03, weasleys10, veela10, veela03, killedharrypotter19, killedharrypotter20

10/02/14 - Randi

Mirror of Erised: loony03, abitdifferent13, gobletoffire01, gobletoffire02, princestalept108, princestalept314

New Decks: loony01, loony02, deathlyhallows101, deathlyhallows102, finalbattle06, finalbattle07, backtothecup03, backtothecup19, cockroach02, cockroach05

10/01/14 - Mina

Taking cockroach02, cockroach06, finalbattle06, finalbattle18, garyoldman11, garyoldman18, helenacarter02, helenacarter10, loony01, loony02

Mirror of Erised (luna): abitdifferent11, loony20
Mirror of Erised (favorite movie): wizardbank03, wizardbank14
Mirror of Erised (female): emmawatson14, emmawatson19
Mirror of Erised: double result of all other wishes

also happy birthday to you taking peverellbrothers02, monsterbook05


10/01/14 - Jennifer

New Decks: helenacarter04, helenacarter09, garyoldman10, garyoldman20, deathlyhallows104, loony09, backtothecup06, cockroach03, weasleys07, killedharrypotter01

Wish - Nina: loony13
Wish - MoLi: orderofthephoenix03
Wish - Maron: jkrowling19
Wish - Jennifer: loony11, orderofthephoenix04, jkrowling20

Thanks Kerri!

09/30/14 - Shalini

finalbattle01, finalbattle02, cockroach03, cockroach04, weasleys05, weasleys06, killedharrypotter07, killedharrypotter08, loony09, loony10
Mirror of Erised: abitdifferent05, nopostonsunday07, princestalept315, abitdifferent11, nopostonsunday08, fireworks06

Hope your son feels better soon!


09/30/14 - Mariko

Wishes: loony08/18, howler10/13, chamberofsecrets20, orderofthephoenix17
New cards: finalbattle08/19, cockroach01/02, deathlyhallows101/02, helenacarter09/11, weasleys03/05

09/30/14 - Sponge

New Decks: finalbattle19, finalbattle20, killedharrypotter19, killedharrypotter20, backtothecup19, backtothecup20, deathlyhallows119, deathlyhallows120, cockroach19, cockroach20

Wish Nina: inthehogshead07, breakin15
Wish Moli: knightbus04, bigmistake01
Wish Maron: evillittlecockroach14, thehearing11

thanks! :)

09/30/14 - Taty

Hope your son did well on the surgery :)

Here are my takes:
Mirror of Erised:
luna - abitdifferent06, withfriends12
female - cleverness01, cleverness03
favourite movie (ps) - hogwartsexpress15, notslytherin10

New Decks:
loony04, loony17
helenacarter05, helenacarter16
weasleys01, weasleys17
veela03, veela10
finalbattle03, finalbattle04

09/30/14 - Ivy

veela06 and 11, weasleys 06 and 11, cockroach 06 and 11, finalbattle06 and 11, loony06 and 11.

Wish- loony01, loony02, weasleys14 halfblood06, lsister01 and 02

09/29/14 - Brittany

Update: deathlyhallows101, deathlyhallows102, cockroach03, cockroach04, finalbattle05, finalbattle06, killedharrypotter07, killedharrypotter08, veela09, backtothecup10

Deck Maker: veela01, killedharrypotter02, finalbattle03, cockroach01, backtothecup05, loony06

Mirror of Erised: loony02, loony03, wedding09, wedding10, cleverness11, cleverness12

09/29/14 - MoLi

Mirror of Erised: loony03, loony04, knightbus13, knightbus14, spoiledeverything03, spoiledeverything06
New decks: killedharrypotter12, garyoldman18, finalbattle11, finalbattle12, cockroach06, cockroach07, loony05, loony06, deathlyhallows104, deathlyhallows104

09/29/14 - Morilinde

New Decks: veela02, weasleys03, killedharrypotter05, helenacarter13, garyoldman13, finalbattle14, cockroach07, backtothecup03, loony05, deathlyhallows113.

Mirror of Erised: loony09, loony14, technicallyaferret01, technicallyaferret02, evannalynch01, evannalynch02.


09/28/14 - Bree

New Decks: weasleys01, weasleys02, finalbattle01, finalbattle02, cockroach01, cockroach02, loony01, loony02, backtothecup01, backtothecup02
Mirror of Erised - Nina: loony03, loony04
Mirror of Erised - MoLi: organized20, alosingbattle01
Mirror of Erised - Maron: organized18, bonniewright07


09/28/14 - Victor

Good luck to your son on his surgery!

Taking fireworks20, withfriends12, monsterbook10, riddikulus13, theoryofcharms11, partners13, killedharrypotter11, killedharrypotter16, weasleys01, weasleys13, deathlyhallows103, deathlyhallows111, finalbattle08, finalbattle18, backtothecup03 and backtothecup07 -- thanks!

PS: frogs/toads are icky, but the photo looks very nice!! :p

09/28/14 - Vermillion

Sept. 27th Update: cockroach04, cockroach11, helenacarter12, helenacarter14, loony16, loony20, deathlyhallows101, deathlyhallows113, finalbattle04, finalbattle05

Wishing Well: loony06, loony14, partners01, evillittlecockroach06, emmawatson01, emmawatson20

09/28/14 - Maron

Mirror of Erised:
Nina: loony06, loony12
MoLi: princestalept211, princestalept302
Maron: sister09, sister14

New Decks: veela03, veela10, weasleys03, weasleys17, helenacarter08, helenacarter11, deathlyhallows113, deathlyhallows118, loony01, loony20

Donating Images: loony14, loony10

Deck Maker: helenacarter01, garyoldman18

Thank you :)

09/28/14 - Crissy

Member of the week, yay! :D

New decks: loony07, loony13, weasleys15, helenacarter04, garyoldman11, finalbattle08, backtothecup06, deathlyhallows116, cockroach19, veela10

Wish (Luna): breakin15, loony01
Wish (favourite movie): partners16, partners17
Wish (female): loony02, loony03

Thanks! And good luck to your son on Monday

09/28/14 - Shell

luna - wedding08, withfriends12
favourite movie (dh2) - kiss17, princestalept206
female - cafeattack20, organized07

weasleys07, weasleys10, finalbattle08, finalbattle10, deathlyhallows107, deathlyhallows119, loony18, veela09, cockroach05, backtothecup07

Good luck to your son on Monday

thank you

09/28/14 - Aji

Mirror of Erised:
abitdifferent16, abitdifferent18
half-blood15, half-blood17
emmawatson06, emmawatson07

New Decks: helenacarter01, helenacarter02, garyoldman01, garyoldman02, loony01, loony02, cockroach01, cockroach02, deathlyhallows101, deathlyhallows102

Donations: helenacarter03, helenacarter04, garyoldman03, garyoldman04


09/27/14 - Nina

veela01, veela02, veela03, weasleys04, weasleys05, finalbattle06, cockroach07, cockroach08, deathlyhallows109, deathlyhallows110, finalbattle11, finalbattle12
Took an extra card from veela and final battle for donating.

loony13, loony14
acidpops14, dumbledorefalls13
breakin03, breakin15

Thanks! Hope the surgery goes great on Monday!