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New Members: Taty - Welcome to Gobstones! :)

Student of the Week: Mariko - Congratulations! - Pick up your rewards here

Level Ups: Brittany (Level 5), Nina (Level 6)

Masters: Brittany (acidpops, bigmistake, buckbeak, dhtriopromo, propertyof), Nina (mopingmoaningmyrtle, sherbetlemon)

Games: Group A and Weekly games have been updated!

Fang-o: I've been forgetting to draw these, lol! So here's the pieces from last week and this week!

Mirror of Erised:
Nina - I wish for one choice regular card with the letter S for Slytherin!
Crissy - How about cards spelling H-E-R-M-I-O-N-E since it's her birthday on the 19th?
Aji - I wish for the Alan Rickman deck to be made and released.
Nicolie - Two random chocolate frog cards for everyone :) (Visit the randomizer and scroll down. Do NOT refresh!)

New Decks: The following decks were the ones with the most votes! Minus Alan Rickman, which was actually the Mirror of Erised desire by Aji! ;P You all may take a total of 8 cards, but no more than 2 per deck! If you donated/made the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck! Aji, you get two extra cards from the Alan Rickman deck (double rewards).

Happy Monday, everyone!

Some of you may have noticed minor changes around the site. I accidentally uploaded the new files to the wrong folder, so I guess the changes will be released now instead of October. haha! One of the changes is the sidebar mini panel. It's cleaner and when you have a new owl (message), the envelope will turn red! You can also click on certain things to be taken directly to a page... your name brings you to your profile, collecting deck brings you to that deck page, your galleons brings you to Gringotts, and your house brings you to your common room. There is also other little things that will pop up there during certain times of the year. You September kids will see one of them now. ;)

Another change is the profiles. I'm still working on these and especially getting that edit profile page finished. For now all the same information is there, just in a different layout. All the decks that you've mastered will be on your profile for all to see as well. If it's your birthday month or if you are student of the week, this will show up in a box on your profile for everyone to see. You can see examples of this here and here If anyone has suggestions to add to the profile page, make sure to mention it to me!

Last, everyone now has a panel. This is where all of the forms are located (level up, master, trade in, etc) along with your cards log, class registration, your class schedule, a link to your trunk and level badges, and more. I am still working on adding more to your panel as well, but for now, it has what it needs. I've had a lot of good suggestions so far in regards to minor tweaks here and there, so if you have suggestions, do not be scared to tell me!

With these little changes, it allows me to clean up the navigation menu a little bit.

Speaking of cleaning up... September 30th is the last day of 1st term which means everything will be reset. This means that all house points will be reset to zero and all card logs and Gringotts logs will be a clean slate! So get the information you need BEFORE September 30th! This will also be the time when I go through the member list and start marking people inactive. All members who are currently unsorted and do not have a member card/student badge image will be placed on the inactive list whether it's been the two month limit or not. I will remind everyone again in the next update and possibly on the forums, too. I just don't want anyone saying, "Well, I was not informed." because yes, yes you were. ;P

Coming up in October... Halloween layout and Potterween with Riddikulus!

I will talk to all of you in the forums and Twitter until next Monday! :)
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10/16/14 - Whitney

new decks: acrossthebridge03, acrossthebridge19, alosingbattle07, alosingbattle09, worldcup01, worldcup05, illgowithyou11, illgowithyou12
mirror of erised (nina): sister05
mirror of erised (crissy): (hermione) houseelf01, emmawatson05, forbidden18, maraudersmap20, wedding05, theburrow20, monsterbook19, howler05
mirror of erised (nicolie): CFcard24, CFcard02

thank you!

10/14/14 - Betty

illgowithyou01, illgowithyou02, acrossthebridge01, acrossthebridge02, pureblood01, pureblood02, 15thanniversary-ootp01, 15thanniversary-ootp02; CFcard10, CFcard30; sherbetlemon04; half-blood04, buckbeak04, keeperofkeys01, malicious01, highinquisitor04, houseelf02, flyinglesson02, mopingmoaningmyrtle03

10/04/14 - Kathryn

I wish for one choice regular card with the letter S for Slytherin - acrossthebridge15. How about cards spelling H - fourthchampion17, E - todiagonalley11, R - abitdifferent07, M - patheticallydim11, I - acrossthebridge13, O - cosdobbypromo08, N - extendableears18, and E - breakin11 since it's her birthday on the 19th. Two random chocolate frog cards for everyone - CFcard06 and CFcard35.

10/04/14 - Kathryn

Updates -- worldcup03, worldcup15, secondtask08, secondtask09, acrossthebridge19, acrossthebridge11, 15thanniversary-ootp04, and 15thanniversary-ootp06.

10/04/14 - Meg

Mirror of Erised: CFcard28, CFcard03, ollivanders15

HERMIONE: chamberofsecrets10, ollivanders16, abitdifferent03, blackfamilytree01, davidtennant05, hogwartsexpress01, jkrowling04, maraudersmap05

New Decks: worldcup08, worldcup13, kiss08, kiss13, 15thanniversary-ootp08, 15thanniversary-ootp13, alosingbattle08, alosingbattle13

09/30/14 - Shalini

secondtask01, secondtask02, pureblood03, pureblood04, acrossthebridge05, acrossthebridge06, alosingbattle07, alosingbattle08
Mirror of Erised: sorcerersstone13, half-blood09, sorcerersstone18, sorcerersstone19, dumbledorefalls01, ollivanders18, orphanage02, princestalept213, princestalept214, CFcard09, CFcard10


09/25/14 - Sanna

New Decks: worldcup08, worldcup16, pureblood02, pureblood18, heartbroken07, heartbroken20, 15thanniversary-ootp10, 15thanniversary-ootp15

Mirror of Erised (Nina): flyinglesson15
Mirror of Erised (Crissy): peverellbrothers10, jinxedbroom12, unfairtactics03, welcometohogwarts18, flyinglesson12, jinxedbroom13, jinxedbroom10, flyinglesson13
Mirror of Erised (Nicolie): CFcard26, CFcard11


09/25/14 - Sponge

New Decks: alosingbattle19, alosingbattle20, illgowithyou19, illgowithyou20, acrossthebridge19, acrossthebridge20, worldcup19, worldcup20

Mirror Nina (S): knightbus01

Mirror Crissy (HERMIONE): knightbus02, dumbledorefalls01, evillittlecockroach01, cos-moviecover01, inthehogshead01, alosingbattle02, thehearing02, extendableears01

Mirror Nicolie: CFcard25, CFcard09

thank you so much! :)

09/25/14 - Jennifer

New Decks: alanrickman01, alanrickman02, 15thanniversary-ootp03, illgowithyou04, secondtask05, acrossthebridge06, heartbroken07, pureblood08


Nina, S card: ootpsiriuspromo11
Crissy, HERMIONE: hogwartsexpress10, rupertgrint09, jkrowling14, tomfelton11, davidtennant09, cosdobbypromo01, bonniewright12, ss-moviecover04
Nicolie, 2 random CFC: CFcard04, CFcard32

Thanks! :D

09/25/14 - Aji

Hmm. my comment cut off.

Mirror of Erised:
S: princestalept210
H-E-R-M-I-O-N-E: half-blood14, abitdifferent13, princestalept211, emmawatson04, princestalept311, orphanage06, unbreakablevow03, evannalynch02
CFcard31, CFcard23

New Cards:
alanrickman01, alanrickman02, alanrickman03, alanrickman04, alosingbattle01, alosingbattle02, illgowithyou01, illgowithyou02, heartbroken01, heartbroken02

09/25/14 - Aji

Yeah for Alan Rickman!

09/24/14 - Mariko

Wishes: chamberofsecrets08 (S), chamberofsecrets15, howler09, prisonerofazkaban02, maraudersmap11, orderofthephoenix08, gobletoffire04, sorcerersstone01, unbreakablevow05 (HERMIONE), chocolatefrog #39 and #06
New cards: pureblood06, heartbroken12, acrossthebridge14, kiss08, worldcup08, illgowithyou09, alosingbattle07, alanrickman13

09/24/14 - Mina

Taking alanrickman17, alanrickman20, illgowithyou01, illgowithyou03, kiss17, pureblood01, pureblood07, worldcup13

Mirror of Erised (choice "S" card): monsterbook13
Mirror of Erised (H-E-R-M-I-O-N-E): evannalynch15, emmawatson11, peverellbrothers05, monsterbook09, wizardbank14, ootpsiriuspromo11, tomfelton12, wonderful13
Mirror of Erised (2 Random Chocolate Frog): CFcard41, CFcard35


09/24/14 - Brittany

Update: alosingbattle02, alosingbattle03, illgowithyou04, illgowithyou05, kiss07, kiss08, acrossthebridge01, acrossthebridge06

Deck Maker: alosingbattle01, illgowithyou02, secondtask03, acrossthebridge04, pureblood05, kiss06, worldcup07

Mirror of Erised: maraudersmap17, unbreakablevow07, polyjuicepotion01, checkmate05, highinquisitor01, perspective07, partners06, wedding07, wonderful09, highinquisitor02, unbreakablevow09, maraudersmap18, checkmate08, perspective09, wonderful15, partners18, dementedpt115, CFcard06, CFcard11

09/23/14 - Nicolie

New Decks: alanrickman10, alanrickman17, 15thanniversary-ootp12, 15thanniversary-ootp14, pureblood09, pureblood20, alosingbattle07, alosingbattle14

S card: acidpops13

(H) orderofthephoenix01, (E) davidtennant11, (R) forbidden03, (M) emmawatson19, (I) abitdifferent06, (O) forbidden07, (N) davidtennant18, (E) cafeattack13

Randoms: CFcard18, CFcard20

Thank you :D

09/23/14 - Michi

Here is what I got -

New Decks: acrossthebridge04, worldcup05, alanrickman13, alanrickman04, heartbroken19, kiss10, alosingbattle19, pureblood19

Choice Card with the letter S: therightsort11

HERMIONE: half-blood07, evannalynch10, abitdifferent03, mopingmoaningmyrtle05, davidtennant04, organized13, cleverness04, emmawatson14

2 random Chocolate Frogs: CFcard23, CFcard42

thank you :D

09/23/14 - Victor

prisonerofazkaban16, knightbus06, danielradcliffe07, riddikulus07, monsterbook14, rupertgrint14, sevenpotters19, king20, gobletoffire16, CFcard13, CFcard37, 15thanniversary-ootp01, 15thanniversary-ootp02, secondtask02, secondtask18, alosingbattle08, alosingbattle13, acrossthebridge08, acrossthebridge11

thanks! :)

09/23/14 - MoLi

S: knightbus03
HERMIONE: knightbus02, evillittlecockroach18, evillittlecockroach19, blackfamilytree20, knightbus01, evillittlecockroach20, knightbus17, evillittlecockroach12
Chocolate Frogs: CFcard14, CFcard42
New decks: illgowithyou03, illgowithyou04, heartbroken14, heartbroken15, kiss03, kiss04, pureblood16, worldcup14

09/23/14 - Maron

Step by step is riddikulus and gobstones the same side. Same content, same system and same ideas...
But I can't wait for halloween!

Mirror of Erised:
Nina: princestalept116
Crissy: shesbeautiful03, princestalept120, organized16, patheticallydim01, sister04, spoiledeverything07, princestalept206, yuleball06
Nicolie: CFcard38, CFcard17

New Decks: alosingbattle07, alosingbattle09, acrossthebridge14, acrossthebridge19, worldcup05, worldcup17, kiss03, secondtask04

Deck Maker Alan Rickman: alanrickman13

09/23/14 - Crissy

S: fireworks02
Hermione: evillittlecockroach01, fireworks02, partners15, imustnottelllies06, breakin01, modernmagic07, extendableears05, wonderful06
CFC: CFcard18, CFcard02

New decks: illgowithyou06, illgowithyou11, heartbroken03, heartbroken16, kiss04, kiss14, worldcup09, worldcup17

I love how neat and tidy everything's looking :) Great job, thanks Kerri!

09/22/14 - Randi

S - dumbledorefalls01

H - half-blood01
E - dumbledorefalls02
R - princestalept101
M - imustnottelllies01
I - alanrickman01
O - howler01
N - nopostonsunday02
E - princestalept202

Chocolate Frogs: CFcard23, CFcard28

New Decks: alanrickman02, alanrickman03, secondtask01, secondtask02, pureblood01, pureblood02, alosingbattle01, alosingbattle02

I LOVE all of the updates. It was a pleasant surprise signing in today! :D Keep up the great work. This TCG is my favorite of all!

09/22/14 - Bree

New Decks: alosingbattle04, alosingbattle07, heartbroken19, heartbroken14, worldcup01, worldcup02, secondtask01, secondtask02
Tom Felton's Birthday: firsttask01, emmawatson15, alosingbattle01, heartbroken01, organized16, bonniewright05
Mirror of Erised - Nina: emmawatson16
Mirror of Erised - Crissy: bonniewright06, emmawatson17, organized17, misleading04, alosingbattle03, worldcup03, wizardbank01, heartbroken02
Mirror of Erised - Nicolie: CFcard18, CFcard27

09/22/14 - Nina

I'll never get Fang-O! T_T

15thanniversary-ootp01, 15thanniversary-ootp02, acrossthebridge03, acrossthebridge04, heartbroken05, heartbroken06, kiss07, kiss08

S for Slytherin - acidpops02
H-hogwartsexpress01 E-acidpops20 R-celebrity09 M-checkmate19 I-celebrity10 O-acidpops15 N-flyingcar01 E-checkmate20
CFcard14, CFcard18

09/22/14 - Sassie

I got fang-0!

09/22/14 - Shell

Yay I got fang-o :)



chocolate frogs x 2 - CFcard12, CFcard42

alosingbattle04, alosingbattle08, illgowithyou03, illgowithyou07, kiss03, kiss19, acrossthebridge06, acrossthebridge16

I like the updated sidebar panel :)

thank you