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Hey everyone! I'm updating a little early because I will not be able to get online tomorrow. Because of this, classes will resume on Tuesday, September 16th!

I would like to welcome Maron as our newest deck maker! Also, there are new job openings listed, so if you're interested in any of them, please feel free to apply!

New Members: Sponge, Amanda, Chantel, Ivy, Randi, MoLi - Welcome to Gobstones! ^_^

Student of the Week: Nicolie - Congrats! :D

Level Ups: Gosia (Level 2), Mariko (Level 2) - Congratulations!

Masters: Crissy (abitdifferent, peverellbrothers, polyjuicepotion), Jennifer (danielradcliffe, emmawatson, evannalynch, katieleung), Mariko (malicious, peverellbrothers), Maron (jkrowling), Nina (emmawatson, forbidden, howler, jinxedbroom, massbreakout, withfriends), Shalini (imustnottelllies) - GREAT JOB! ^_^

Games: Updated Group C this week! Magic Lottery, Monthly Raffle, and Mirror of Erised are back now that they've been recoded from the transfer. And we now have a Melting Pot game and SLOTS ARE BACK! Yay!

New Decks: You may take a total of 6 cards, but no more than 2 per deck!

And take this layouts card:

I want to bring up our referral contest that took place before the transfer. It didn't go very well. lol! Maron is the only person who's name was in the system for referring a new member and her grand total is one! Based on the rewards, referring 1 student got her 50 G and she also referred the most which gets her another 300 G! Congratulations, Maron! :)

Speaking of contests, we have a new one up on the forums! I'm really hoping that we get more participation in this contest as it's just writing. Check out the Shop Info Contest! PLEASEEE submit an entry!

I'd like to mention that I have changed the rewards for all donations. Also you are now allowed to donated more than one set of link buttons and level badges.

All students who introduce themselves on the forums will receive 50 house points! I want to get to know more about you all! It will make playing Gobstones more fun because we're all friends! xD

As for the free items that are not in your inventory, I will be creating a way to add those soon so that way everything is all in one place! I've been working on a few things that need it before I add anything new. For now, keep your free robes and pets on your trade post.

The Welcoming Feast mini mastery is no longer available. I will be contacting those of you who completed the mini mastery and reward you with house points and the secret avatar that was promised!

I'm hoping to have a better update next week. I've been having a rough time lately with moving my deceased mother's belongings from her house to mine. I just miss her. :(
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10/16/14 - Whitney

new decks: harryattheorder14, harryattheorder19, dumbledorefalls16, dumbledorefalls17, blackfamilytree14, blackfamilytree15
layout cards: layouts02

thank you!

10/14/14 - Betty

blackfamilytree01, blackfamilytree02, dumbledorefalls01, dumbledorefalls02, breakin01, breakin02, layouts02

10/04/14 - Kathryn

blackfamilytree12, blackfamilytree05, layouts02, harryattheorder08, harryattheorder04, dumbledorefalls08, and dumbledorefalls18.

09/25/14 - Jennifer

New Decks: blackfamilytree06, dumbledorefalls07, harryattheorder08, evillittlecockroach09, breakin10, blackfamilytree11

Freebie: layouts02

Thanks Kerri!

09/22/14 - Bree

Freebies: layouts02
New Decks: dumbledorefalls01, dumbledorefalls14, harryattheorder01, harryattheorder02, evillittlecockroach12, evillittlecockroach16

09/22/14 - Sassie

Snagged layouts02, breakin10, evillittlecockroach08, evillittlecockroach01, harryattheorder09, dumbledorefalls08, blackfamilytree11,

09/22/14 - Morilinde

New Decks: blackfamilytree01, dumbledorefalls02, harryattheorder05, evillittlecockroach08, breakin08, layouts02.


09/21/14 - Nanami

taking harryattheorder03, harryattheorder04, evillittlecockroach17, evillittlecockroach20, blackfamilytree09, blackfamilytree04 + layouts02

09/20/14 - Nicolie

Took blackfamilytree09, blackfamilytree12, dumbledorefalls04, dumbledorefalls11, harryattheorder14, breakin08, layouts02 and my student of the week rewards :)


09/20/14 - Shalini

breakin01, breakin02, dumbledorefalls03, dumbledorefalls04, harryattheorder05, harryattheorder06, layouts02

Sorry to hear about your mother :(

09/18/14 - Meg

I'm so sorry for your loss!

I took harryattheorder08, harryattheorder13, dumbledorefalls08, dumbledorefalls13, blackfamilytree08, blackfamilytree13, layouts02. Thank you!

09/16/14 - Michi

Here is what I took: layouts02, blackfamilytree02, breakin18, dumbledorefalls04, evillittlecockroach04, evillittlecockroach17, harryattheorder16

thank you!

And lots of hugs for you ***hugs***

09/16/14 - Victor


Taking evillittlecockroach01, evillittlecockroach04, dumbledorefalls07, dumbledorefalls16, blackfamilytree01, blackfamilytree10, layouts02, thanks ^^

09/16/14 - Sponge

New Decks: dumbledorefalls19, dumbledorefalls20, breakin19, breakin20, evillittlecockroach19, evillittlecockroach20

took layouts02

thanks! :)

09/16/14 - Maron

New Decks: blackfamilytree04, blackfamilytree18, harryattheorder03, harryattheorder14, breakin05, breakin08
Taking layouts02

Thank you for the galleons and tka the fluffy hug from me *fluffy hug*

09/15/14 - Randi

Taking: dumbledorefalls04, dumbledorefalls18, breakin01, breakin02, harryattheorder01, harryattheorder02, layouts02

I am very sorry for your loss. *hugs* :(

09/15/14 - Aji

Taking blackfamilytree06, blackfamilytree17, dumbledorefalls14, dumbledorefalls17, evillittlecockroach17, evillittlecockroach18 .


09/15/14 - Mariko

New cards: blackfamilytree06/17, dumbledorefalls12/14, evillittlecockroach09, breakin20
Updates: layouts02

I recently lost my grandmother, so I know how hard it can be. Keep your chin up and take it one day at a time. I'm on Twitter if you ever need to talk!

09/15/14 - Shell

My condolences to you and your family. Take care *hugs*

blackfamilytree16, dumbledorefalls05, harryattheorder03, evillittlecockroach04, evillittlecockroach19, breakin17, layouts02

thank you

09/15/14 - Brittany

Deck Maker: evillittlecockroach01, breakin02

Update: evillittlecockroach02, evillittlecockroach03, breakin04, breakin05, dumbledorefalls06, layouts02

09/15/14 - Mina

Taking breakin10 breakin10, breakin11, evillittlecockroach19, evillittlecockroach20, harryattheorder14, harryattheorder20, layouts02 thanks.

My condolences to you and your family. Take care *hugs*

09/15/14 - MoLi

New decks: evillittlecockroach13, evillittlecockroach14, blackfamilytree19, dumbledorefalls02, harryattheorder10, breakin13
And the layouts card~

09/15/14 - Ivy

Took the layout card and harryattheorder06 and 11, breakin06 and11, blackfamilytree06 and 11

09/15/14 - Crissy

New decks: blackfamilytree05, dumbledorefalls18, evillittlecockroach10,
evillittlecockroach14, breakin05, breakin08
Took layouts02 too. Thanks :)

Kerri, a hug *squishes*

09/14/14 - Nina

Taking layouts02
dumbledorefalls01, dumbledorefalls18, harryattheorder03, harryattheorder05, breakin05, breakin08

I know tomorrow won't be easy. But we already talked. Deep breaths. =]