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New Students: Alena, Karen, Tara - Welcome to Gobstones!

New Affiliates: Showtime, Aesthetic (Owned by Cami!), Idolize, Enchanted, Ginzuishou (Owned by Sassie & Vermillion!), Panoptic (Owned by Victor!)

Masters: Aji (garyoldman, massbreakout, partners), Brittany (evillittlecockroach), Cami (evannalynch), Crissy (dobbyswarning, escapee, nymphadora), Jennifer (15thanniversary-dh, 15thanniversary-gof, 15thanniversary-ootp, maggiesmith, orderofthephoenix), Kathryn (cosdobbypromo), Maron (bride, helenacarter, nymphadora, peverellbrothers), Mewkeere (ollivanders), Nina (extendableears, orphanage), Shalini (detention, firsttask, quidditchlesson, secondtask, thirdtask), Shell (alosingbattle), Sponge (backtothecup)

Student of the Week: Nina is student of the week! Congratulations! ^_^

Mirror of Erised: Lots this time! YEAH!
Cami - Choice cards spelling "HOLIDAY"
Shalini - A choice card featuring Fred and George to commemorate the new layout!
Jennifer - It's my 28th birthday on the 16th. Could we get choice cards numbered #20, #08, #16 and #12 please? :D (HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!)
Maron - I wish less pictures in Slot Game because I refresh over 100 times before I win :/ - DONE! :)
Mariko - cards spelling TEAM MAGMA for the superior team from the new Pokemon games - YESSSS!
MoLi - Choice cards spelling out POMFREY because I'm tired of being sick. :(

Games: ALL games are updated! ALLLLLL! :D

New Decks: You may take a total of 6 cards, but no more than 2 per deck! If you donated/made the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck! Crissy gets two from Injuredand Shell gets two from Loyal and Chosen! If I'm missing anyone, let me know!

You may also take these special cards:


Hi everyone! I hope that you all have been enjoying this holiday season so far! As you can see, I changed the layout a week or two ago to match the season more. This will most likely be our layout until late February/early March. Hopefully you like it! Also if you haven't noticed already, an advent calendar has been added to your mini panel in the sidebar. You can only collect once per day and there is no way to collect from previous days. So make sure you are visiting every day for advent, daily money, and wishing well! :)

Something that I would like to mention... Gobstones has been nominated for Best Setup, Best Games, Best Extras, Best Forums, and Best New TCG at the TCG-Publicity Awards! I've also been nominated for Best Owner! I'm pretty excited about the whole thing, so I will let you all know when voting has begun so you can go vote!

I have been trying to work on Gobstones a little bit here and there. I added a doubles trade-in and you can find that in your panel with all of the other forms. I'm working on the spell master form this week. What do you think is an appropriate reward for mastering a spell? Take 1 choice card for answering.

I did a member sweep last week. I based it off each member's last login date. So if it said "Never", then you were moved to inactive. But no worries! You can easily reactivate your account because a little box will pop up in the sidebar. :)

The next update won't be until after Christmas, so I hope that you all have a joyful and safe holiday! You may all take cards spelling out CHRISTMAS. ♥
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01/01/15 - Nicolie

New Decks: injured05, injured13, clemencepoesy19, loyal03, chosen01, chosen16, events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04

Cami - peverellbrothers08, prisonerofazkaban13, half-blood02, gobletoffire08, pureblood02, princestalept312, occlumency20
Shalini - maraudersmap06
Jennifer - princestalept320, pureblood08, occlumency16, gobletoffire12
Mariko - princestalept302, pureblood06, prisonerofazkaban05, occlumency07, malicious06, peverellbrothers12, gobletoffire04, tomfelton11, half-blood19
MoLi - pureblood10, peverellbrothers19, malicious18, prisonerofazkaban12, princestalept308, sorcerersstone09, occlumency10

Freebies: sorcerersstone17, peverellbrothers13, pureblood16, finalbattle04, prisonerofazkaban02, princestalept304, occlumency19, half-blood10, malicious15

12/28/14 - Sanna

New Decks: clemencepoesy03, clemencepoesy14, chosen08, chosen18, injured10, injured16

Events: events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04

Mirror of Erised: peverellbrothers16, trollboogies01, clemencepoesy01, bride06, detention01, technicallyaferret03, youreawizard04, clemencepoesy20, trollboogies08, bride16, peverellbrothers12, peverellbrothers06, trollboogies20, youreawizard05, clemencepoesy02, emmawatson04, technicallyaferret04, jkrowling06, welcometohogwarts03, ifitrains04, peverellbrothers05, trollboogies19, clemencepoesy04, technicallyaferret05, bride10, evillittlecockroach04, youreawizard06


12/28/14 - Winter

Holiday - notslytherin05, notslytherin06, acidpops04, acidpops07, bride01, bride02, heartbroken02

Fred and George - patheticallydim07

20, 08, 16, 12 - wedding20, wedding08, bride16, bride12

Team Magma - kiss01, kiss02, wonderful17, wonderful16, mopingmoaningmyrtle01, mopingmoaningmyrtle02, acidpops08, acidpops10, notslytherin07

Pomfrey - acidpops17, acidpops16, notslytherin09, notslytherin10, bride03, bride04, wedding05

New Decks - clemencepoesy03, clemencepoesy01, injured03, injured20, loyal17, chosen04

Christmas - bride14, bride13, wedding07, wedding08, acidpops15, acidpops13, notslytherin12, notslytherin13, patheticallydim20

And events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04

12/25/14 - Fanyxia

oh, I forget the Freebies

- Freebies (CHRISTMAS): blackfamilytree19, notslytherin10, ootpsiriuspromo02, quidditchlesson05, trollboogies07, torture04, narcissamalfoy05, yuleball19, ollivanders19


12/25/14 - Fanyxia

- New Decks: injured02, injured20, clemencepoesy09, loyal17, chosen04, chosen14
- Freebies: events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04

Mirror of Erised ( Cami - Holiday): notslytherin01, ootpsiriuspromo05, peverellbrothers08, blackfamilytree05, nearlyheadless04, alanrickman05, 15thanniversary-poa14
Mirror of Erised (Shalini - Fred & George): maraudersmap04
Mirror of Erised (Jennifer - #20, #08, #16, #12): notslytherin20, blackfamilytree08, alanrickman16, fireworks12
Mirror of Erised (Mariko - TEAM MAGMA): triwizardchampions20, yuleball08, princestalept211, narcissamalfoy02, hermionessecret04, princestalept111, trollboogies03, alanrickman19, helenacarter02
Mirror of Erised (MoLi - POMFREY): nopostonsunday09, ollivanders02, triwizardchampions03, fireworks05, torture07, escapee06, 15thanniversary-poa12


12/22/14 - Shell

+ layouts04 :)

12/22/14 - Shell






injured01, injured11, loyal01, loyal06, clemencepoesy09, chosen06 + loyal09, loyal14, chosen08, chosen18

events15, events16, events17, events18


thank you :D

12/22/14 - Betty

chosen01, chosen02, clemencepoesy01, clemencepoesy02, injured01, injured02, events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04; CHRISTMAS: acidpops07, sherbetlemon09, fair01, highinquisitor10, keeperofkeys06, truegryffindor01, impersonated01, escapee02, narcissamalfoy02; HOLIDAY: maggiesmith03, tomfelton03, danielradcliffe01, misleading01, pureblood05, malicious03, mopingmoaningmyrtle06; maraudersmap06; BIRTHDAY WISH: princestalept108, princestalept212, princestalept316, riddlehouse20; TEAM MAGMA: torture01, orphanage04, ollivanders03, massbreakout03, matchbegins01, thirdtask03, modernmagic02, imustnottelllies08, dumbledorefalls03; POMFREY: peverellbrothers01, secondtask02, welcometohogwarts02, firsttask01, howler03, ministerisdead01, youreawizard03

12/21/14 - Sponge

New Decks: injured09, injured10, chosen19, chosen20, loyal19, loyal20

Event Cards: events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04

Mirror of Erised (HOLIDAY): threeturnsshoulddo06, theexecution16, howler10, alosingbattle11, dumbledorefalls18, abitdifferent18, narcissamalfoy04

Mirror of Erised (Fred&George): worldcup12

Mirror of Erised (#20, #08, #16, #12 ): alosingbattle20, howler08, dumbledorefalls16, threeturnsshoulddo12

Mirror of Erised (TEAM MAGMA): theexecution17, howler12, dobbyswarning11, maraudersmap05, aftermath02, narcissamalfoy06, alosingbattle15, hermionessecret04, extendableears02

Mirror of Erised (POMFREY): worldcup13, howler15, aftermath03, flyinglesson02, threeturnsshoulddo05, alosingbattle16, narcissamalfoy07

Question: I think 1 choice card, 2 random cards and maybe some galleons would be cool. But I haven't mastered any spells so I actually have no idea if it's fair or not.... ;-) took dumbledorefalls13

thanks a lot :)

12/19/14 - Shalini

chosen01, chosen02, loyal03, loyal04, clemencepoesy05, clemencepoesy06
New Special Cards: events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04
Mirror of Erised: maggiesmith16, forgotten04, loyal04, maggiesmith19, ministerisdead03, maggiesmith20, truegryffindor03, patheticallydim08, ministerisdead20, forgotten08, ministerisdead16, ministerisdead12, forgotten05, forgotten07, ministerisdead07, ministerisdead08, ministerisdead09, escapee07, forgotten09, ministerisdead11, ministerisdead13, escapee08, forgotten10, ministerisdead14, truegryffindor04, ministerisdead15, ministerisdead17, truegryffindor07
CHRISTMAS freebies: escapee09, hermionessecret02, torture05, truegryffindor08, ministerisdead18, ministerisdead19, grimattack05, grimattack06, escapee10

Appropriate reward for mastering a spell - You should definitely include some spell markers. Not many. Just one or two. And a badge which says “Mastered Spell Name” for people to display it. And a few random cards. Not sure if you should include choice cards. I mean, we get plenty of choice cards from Mirror of Erised :D

Choice Card: escapee14

Merry Christmas everyone!

12/18/14 - Kathryn

H - aftermath05, O - deathlyhallows105, L - extendableears19, I - breakin13, D - dementedpt105, A - dumbledorefalls03, and Y - flyingcar20. choice card featuring Fred and George - extendableears10. #20 - dementedpt120, #08 - extendableears08, #16 - aftermath16, and #12 - breakin12. T - aftermath18, E - extendableears03, A - thirdtask01, M - dementedpt114, M - dumbledorefalls10, A - backtothecup01, G - advanceguard20, M - amortentiaantidote12, and A - deathlyhallows119. P - deathlyhallows114 (pt1), O - dumbledorefalls04, M - dementedpt102, F - aftermath14, R - extendableears16, E - advanceguard11, Y - clemencepoesy03. Updates - events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04, clemencepoesy16, clemencepoesy18, injured14, injured15, loyal11, and loyal19. C - backtothecup09, H - aftermath13, R - extendableears12, I - knightbus05, S - deathlyhallows117, T - dementedpt103, M - dumbledorefalls07, A - thirdtask02, S - clemencepoesy09.

12/18/14 - Aji

- CHRISTMAS: occlumency15, halfbloodprince11, brewglory13, blackfamilytree15, maggiesmith12, orderofthephoenix01, dumbledorefalls05, organized06, riddikulus07

- New Decks: injured01, clemencepoesy01, clemencepoesy02, loyal01, chosen01, chosen02

- Mirror of Erised: HOLIDAY - halfbloodprince08, occlumency09, brewglory08, riddikulus04, organized03, helenacarter19, blackfamilytree08; Fred and George - deathlyhallows103; helenacarter20, riddikulus08, brewglory16, blackfamilytree12; TEAM MAGMA - blackfamilytree11, brewglory09, halfbloodprince09, maggiesmith09, occlumency10, acidpops04, alluring03, dumbledorefalls04, organized04; POMFREY - halfbloodprince10, brewglory10, maggiesmith10, blackfamilytree13, riddikulus05, organized05, occlumency12

Bonus Question: I think for mastering a Spell you should get house points, a choice card and maybe 2 random cards or spell makers. (occlumency17)

Maron the Wishing Well is working fine for me and I have over 10,000G.

Happy Holidays!

12/17/14 - Mina

Taking Freebie Updates: chosen04, chosen18, clemencepoesy06, clemencepoesy19, injured14, loyal17, events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04

Mirror of Erised (Cami - HOLIDAY): 15thanniversary-cos01, peverellbrothers09, jkrowling06, abitdifferent09, danielradcliffe09, emmawatson12, evannalynch16

Mirror of Erised (Shalini - Choice card featuring Fred and George): maraudersmap16
Mirror of Erised (Jennifer - Choice #20, #08, #16, #12): helenacarter20, rupertgrint08, emmawatson16, peverellbrothers12
Mirror of Erised (Mariko - TEAM MAGMA): emmawatson03, peverellbrothers15, abitdifferent15, alanrickman04, clemencepoesy13, alluring04, garyoldman09, malicious12, partners04
Mirror of Erised (MoLi - POMFREY): peverellbrothers10, jkrowling12, emmawatson07, abitdifferent06, alanrickman11, helenacarter05, evannalynch09

Bonus Question: peverellbrothers04 (I would say maybe a special discount in buying items in the shop or house points)

CHRISTMAS: clemencepoesy05, peverellbrothers06, abitdifferent18, wizardbank09, sorcerersstone07, tomfelton20, malicious16, partners07, cleverness01

thanks and Merry Christmas to you too!!

12/17/14 - Elixabeth

Special Cards: events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04

New Decks: loyal08, loyal20, chosen04, chosen15, injured16, clemencepoesy06

Mirror of Erised - Cami: houseelf07, dobbyswarning02, mopingmoaningmyrtle02, abitdifferent02, acidpops10, ollivanders18, yuleball01

Mirror of Erised - Shalini: notslytherin18

Mirror of Erised -Jennifer: mopingmoaningmyrtle20, fireworks08, abitdifferent16, monsterbook12

Mirror of Erised - Mariko: mopingmoaningmyrtle20, houseelf09, dobbyswarning08, bigmistake01, grimattack02, fleshoftheservant02, brewglory11, monsterbook20, abitdifferent03

Mirror of Erised - MoLi: nopostonsunday01, fireworks01, mopingmoaningmyrtle18, flyingcar20, dobbyswarning05, houseelf14, keeperofkeys01

Question: I think some house points and 1 or 2 choice cards would be good, maybe some randoms too. (Took Houseelf12)

CHRISTMAS: worldcup20, houseelf13, fireworks20, acidpops20, wizardbank19, extendableears20, grimattack20, aftermath16, keeperofkeys16

12/15/14 - Bree

New Decks: injured01, injured02, chosen01, chosen02, loyal01, loyal02
Special Cards: events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04
Mirror of Erised - Cami: aftermath06, heartbroken18, riddikulus05, fireworks06, worldcup14, princestale103, deathlyhallows113
Mirror of Erised - Shalini: maraudersmap05
Mirror of Erised - Jennifer: worldcup20, aftermath08, fireworks16, deathlyhallows112
Mirror of Erised - Mariko: deathlyhallows114, fireworks13, heartbroken20, aftermath07, maraudersmap18, princestale104, advanceguard06, dumbledorefalls02, wizardbank11
Mirror of Erised - MoLi: princestale105, worldcup19, aftermath09, fireworks15, riddikulus06, princestale312, deathlyhallows117
Question: worldcup15
Christmas: worldcup17, deathlyhallows118, princestale314, fireworks17, maraudersmap19, princestale103, mudblood04, aftermath10, princestale218

Mastering: I think the spells are a pain to master, so I vote at least 2 choice cards. Other than that, I don't really care how many random.


12/15/14 - Brittany

Deck Maker: chosen01, loyal02

Update: loyal01, loyal03,injured01, injured02, chosen02, chosen03, events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04, deathlyhallows112

Mirror of Erised: deathlyhallows113, threeturnsshoulddo10, killedharrypotter05, illgowithyou03, 15thanniversary-dh01, whackawizard10, technicallyaferret03, whackawizard20, torture08, illgowithyou16, hermionessecret12, threeturnsshoulddo17, deathlyhallows115, 15thanniversary-poa02, ministerisdead13, hermionessecret07, alluring09, forgotten04, nymphadora02, killedharrypotter14, 15thanniversary-poa01, threeturnsshoulddo18, ministerisdead04, forgotten05, keeperofkeys14, torture04, deathlyhallows112

I think since a spell will be hard to master 2 choice cards and 3 randoms is good

12/15/14 - Michi

New Decks: clemencepoesy03, clemencepoesy13, injured15, loyal01, chosen06, chosen15
Event Cards: events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04

CHRISTMAS: evannalynch14, half-blood07, abitdifferent16, davidtennant20, cleverness15, rupertgrint18, alanrickman01, danielradcliffe07, emmawatson20

HOLIDAY: patheticallydim05, loony01, wonderful15, mopingmoaningmyrtle08, bride17, veela01, brewglory04
A choice card ft Fred and George: deathlyhallows103

#20 card: loony20
#08 Card: abitdifferent08
#16 card: davidtennant16
#12 card: cleverness12

TEAM MAGMA: knight20, evannalynch15, evillittlecockroach19, mudblood12, hermionessecret03, partners10, organized20, nymphadora02, weasleys04

POMFREY: killedharrypotter01, therightsort01, mopingmoaningmyrtle20, wonderful10, alluring10, chosenone07, celebrity13

thank you!!! Happy Christmas! :D

12/15/14 - Alena

Christmas: C: half-blood05, H: ootpsiriuspromo05, R: ministerisdead04, I: escapee03, S: unbreakablevow04, T: narcissamalfoy03, M: orphanage03, A: maraudersmap04, S: princestalept301

12/15/14 - Alena

New Decks: injured01, injured02, loyal01, loyal02, chosen01, chosen02

Events: events15, events16, events17, events15, layouts04

Wish: (Cami) : H - half-blood01 O - ootpsiriuspromo02, L - unbreakablevow01, I - ministerisdead01, D - narcissamalfoy01, A - maraudersmap01, Y-orphanage01

Wish: (Shalini): weasleys17

Wish: (Jennifer): half-blood20, ootpsiriuspromo08, unbreakablevow16, ministerisdead12

Wish (Mariko): T-half-blood02, E-ootpsiriuspromo03, A-ministerisdead02, M-unbreakablevow02, M-narcissamalfoy02, A-maraudersmap02, G-orphanage02, M-escapee01, A-malicious01

Wish (MoLi): P-maraudersmap03, O-ootpsiriuspromo04, M-malicious03, F-ministerisdead03, R-escapee02, E-unbreakablevow03, Y-half-blood03

Bonus Question: I think some House Points and 1 or 2 RC's are a good reward ( half-blood04 )

Christmas: C: half-blood05, H: ootpsiriuspromo05, R: ministerisdead04, I: escapee03, S: unbreakablevow04, T: narcissamalfoy0, M: orphanage03, A: maraudersmap04, S: princestalept301

12/15/14 - Jennifer

New Decks: injured06, clemencepoesy09, clemencepoesy13, loyal06, chosen07, chosen08

Events: events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04

Wish: (Cami) 15thanniversary-hbp01, 15thanniversary-cos04, clemencepoesy01, 15thanniversary-ps04, halfbloodprince12, 15thanniversary-poa14, deathlyhallows108

Wish: (Jennifer) clemencepoesy20, 15thanniversary-cos08, deathlyhallows116, 15thanniversary-poa12

Wish: (Mariko) deathlyhallows115, orderofthephoenix10, 15thanniversary-poa11, clemencepoesy17, chamberofsecrets02, 15thanniversary-cos03, gobletoffire07, halfbloodprince13, 15thanniversary-hbp03

Wish: (MoLi) 15thanniversary-ps14, 15thanniversary-cos06, chamberofsecrets04, gobletoffire14, orderofthephoenix09, 15thanniversary-hbp04, clemencepoesy11

Wish: (Shalini) theburrow18

Freebie: 15thanniversary-cos01, 15thanniversary-hbp07, gobletoffire17, halfbloodprince08, 15thanniversary-ps03, deathlyhallows110, clemencepoesy07, prisonerofazkaban09, chamberofsecrets03

Thank you for the update, Kerri! I hope you have a lovely Christmas.

12/15/14 - Maron

Ups sorry. I meant the daily money. It says always Error! Don't you think that 10289 Galleons is more than enough money? Please let the lower class students collect instead.

12/15/14 - Nina

I forgot to reply to your question. I think a choice card, 2 random cards and house points would be awesome for mastering spells. =]

Taking: jinxedbroom07

I haven't had issues with the wishing well.

12/15/14 - Nina

Cami - H-acrossthebridge02, O-acrossthebridge06, L-houseelf02, I-youreawizard17, D-riddikulus03, A-abitdifferent01, Y-weasleys01
Shalini - worldcup12
Jennifer - abitdifferent20, houseelf08, youreawizard16, riddikulus12
Mariko - T-aftermath02, E-aftermath03, A-cafeattack01, M-jinxedbroom05, M-jinxedbroom06, A-cafeattack02, G-bigmistake03, M-bigmistake05, A-harryattheorder06
MoLi - P-nymphadora02, O-nymphadora03, M-mudblood01, F-blackfamilytree02, R-brewglory01, E-brewglory02, Y-harryattheorder04

events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04

injured01, injured02, clemencepoesy03, clemencepoesy04, chosen05, chosen06

12/15/14 - Maron

Mirror of Erised:
- evannalynch13, torture01, mudblood02, ministerisdead07, forbidden07, aftermath02, deathlyhallows115
- weasleys09
- evannalynch20, forbidden08, mudblood16, aftermath12
- aftermath03, deathlyhallows117, evannalynch14, ministerisdead08, mudblood03, alluring01, forgotten03, clemencepoesy01, notalastresort02
- clemencepoesy02, deathlyhallows119, ministerisdead09, aftermath05, forbidden06, torture02, evannalynch16

New Decks:
- clemencepoesy03, clemencepoesy04, injured10, loyal10, chosen13

Card Maker:
- injured14, clemencepoesy05

Special Cards:
- events15, events16, events17, events18, layouts04

Bonus Question: I think a few house points and maybe 2 random cards are enough for the spell form. But it's still not easy to master it xD' (took evannalynch17)

- clemencepoesy06, evannalynch18, forbidden09, ministerisdead10, notalastresort01, torture03, mudblood05, alluring02, alosingbattle04

Btw the wishing well doesnt work since the first week of november. I have over 10000 Galleons but it's still not enough :(
And I voted :)
Thank you for the update :D