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New Students: Blair, Rainey - Welcome to Gobstones!

Masters: Brittany (cockroach, theexecution), Cami (abitdifferent), Crissy (heartbroken, howler, illgowithyou, kiss, theexecution, torture), Fanyxia (patheticallydim), Jennifer (alanrickman), Kathryn (acrossthebridge, blackfamilytree), MoLi (cleverness, heartbroken, loony, monsterbook, partners, theexecution), Nina (occlumency, theslugclub, todiagonalley, yuleball), Shalini (breakin, dumbledorefalls, narcissamalfoy), Shell (weasleys, wonderful), Sponge (bigmistake, evillittlecockroach, thehearing), Victor (danielradcliffe, gobletoffire, knightbus, monsterbook, riddikulus)

Student of the Week: Congratulations to Jennifer for becoming student of the week! :)

Mirror of Erised:
Elixabeth - My Desire is for everyone to have 1 Chocolate Frog Card of Choice, and 1 Choice card.
mariko - cards spelling WINTER BREAK
Aji - I would like cards that spell out Black for black friday.
Sanna - Can we have 2 random spell markers to make up for some classes not being updated this term?
Shalini - Choice cards spelling FAITH for everyone because I need everyone to put out a little positivity out into the universe for me (positive vibes!! ♥)

Games: ALL are updated EXCEPT for the trivia, Find Trevor and Distorted Card. Also, the last Fang-o round has been won, but I don't want to start another round until I can start working on Gobstones again.

New Decks: You may take a total of 8 cards, but no more than 2 per deck! If you donated/made the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck! Shell gets two from Arachnophobe, Alluring, True Gryffindor! Mariko gets two from Fair! If I'm missing anyone, let me know!


Hey everyone! I really hate that I can't properly update. Unexpected things have happened in my life and I've been preparing for a long and undesirable journey to get things straightened out. :( Because of all this, I am wicked behind with pretty much everything. I have posted some updates on the forum on what to expect after the new year. I'll be adding more shortly, but if you guys think of anything that slipped my mind, don't hesitate to let me know! My mind is a bit jumbled as of late.

I DID received more owls for Potterween rewards. I am going to try and get those out today for you all! I am so sorry for the delay on this!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and weekend! Be safe and have fun! You may all take any regular #11 card of choice and any card that features food. :)
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01/01/15 - Nicolie

New Decks: forgotten01, forgotten09, 15thanniversary-cos01, 15thanniversary-cos12, 15thanniversary-ps03, 15thanniversary-ps11, 15thanniversary-hbp03, 15thanniversary-hbp11

Elixabeth - CFcard08, emmawatson20
mariko - emmawatson02, finalbattle12, occlumency01, princestalept313, sorcerersstone02, gobletoffire10, pureblood13, peverellbrothers17, yuleball11, half-blood13, prisonerofazkaban04
Aji - gobletoffire19, pureblood19, emmawatson06, occlumency14, prisonerofazkaban17
Sanna - flick-down-red, flick-swish-right-up-red
Shalini - gobletoffire16, prisonerofazkaban19, princestalept319, emmawatson14, peverellbrothers20

Freebies: sorcerersstone11, nearlyheadless03

12/28/14 - Sanna


New Decks: 15thanniversary-cos11, 15thanniversary-cos12, 15thanniversary-ps07, 15thanniversary-ps08, 15thanniversary-hbp07, 15thanniversary-hbp12, forgotten09, truegryffindor07


12/28/14 - Sanna

Mirror of Erised: CFcard01, worldcup18, worldcup12, quidditchlesson06, quidditchlesson15, quidditchlesson07, weasleys07, bride02, bride04, ifitrains03, weasleys18, ifitrains01, jkrowling03, peverellbrothers04, weasleys20, weasleys09, evillittlecockroach02, jkrowling04, flick-swish-right-up-red, flick-down-red, technicallyaferret02, weasleys16, quidditchlesson16, evillittlecockroach03, quidditchlesson17


12/14/14 - Fanyxia

- New Decks: forgotten04, forgotten08, 15thanniversary-cos04, 15thanniversary-cos08, 15thanniversary-ps04, 15thanniversary-ps08, 15thanniversary-hbp04, 15thanniversary-hbp08
- Mirror of Erised (Elixabeth - 1 cfc & 1 choice): CFcard01, ootpsiriuspromo15
- Mirror of Erised (mariko - WINTER BREAK): worldcup02, quidditchlesson04, torture10, princestalept208, princestalept107, ollivanders07, yuleball20, nearlyheadless18, hogwartsexpress10, narcissamalfoy01, alanrickman18
- Mirror of Erised (Aji - Black): blackfamilytree15, yuleball12, triwizardchampions04, worldcup08, knightbus04
- Mirror of Erised (Sanna - 2 random spell markers): flick-swish-right-up-red, flick-swish-left-up-red
- Mirror of Erised (Shalini - FAITH): blackfamilytree10, 15thanniversary-poa08, notslytherin06, peverellbrothers16, helenacarter09
- Freebies: peverellbrothers11, nearlyheadless03


12/11/14 - Elixabeth

Forgot the #11 and food card! :) mopingmoaningmyrtle11, and dobbyswarning19

12/09/14 - Mina

forgot the B in the freebies: took peverellbrothers08

12/08/14 - Elixabeth

New Decks: alluring06, alluring12, 15thanniversary-ps01, 15thanniversary-ps13, notalastresort01, notalastresort02, fair11, fair15

Mirror of Erised:
Elixabeth- CFcard22, houseelf05

mariko - Winter Break: weasleys05, abitdifferent01, mopingmoaningmyrtle01, notslytherin11, yuleball11, dobbyswarning01, cosdobbypromo04, fireworks09, evillittlecockroach01, acidpops01, wizardbank01

Aji - Black dobbyswarning15, houseelf19, mopingmoaningmyrtle15, cosdobbypromo05, fireworks12

Sanna - flick-swish-left-up-red, flick-swish-left-down-red

Shalini - Choice cards spelling FAITH houseelf18, abitdifferent08, dobbyswarning14, mopingmoaningmyrtle13, hermionessecret20

12/05/14 - Shalini

forgotten01, forgotten02, fair03, fair04, truegryffindor05, truegryffindor06, notalastresort07, notalastresort08
Mirror of Erised: CFcard04, detention19, brewglory01, quidditchlesson10, quidditchlesson11, quidditchlesson12, quidditchlesson13, thirdtask02, brewglory02, thirdtask03, quidditchlesson15, thirdtask04, thirdtask05, brewglory03, quidditchlesson16, thirdtask07, quidditchlesson19, thirdtask09, forgotten03, thirdtask13, quidditchlesson20, thirdtask14, thirdtask15
Thanksgiving Freebies: secondtask11, hermionessecret09


12/05/14 - Mina

Freebie Updates: 15thanniversary-cos11, 15thanniversary-cos12, 15thanniversary-ps04, 15thanniversary-ps11, alluring16, alluring17, truegryffindor07, truegryffindor19

#11 Choice and one that Features Food: peverellbrothers11, abitdifferent17

Mirror of Erised (Elixabeth): CFcard17, monsterbook07
Mirror of Erised (Mariko - WINTER BREAK): emmawatson20, ootpsiriuspromo01, monsterbook20, celebrity01, ss-moviecover02, abitdifferent01, B--, alanrickman08, checkmate01,
danielradcliffe20, jkrowling05
Mirror of Erised (Aji - Black): wizardbank02, evannalynch01, emmawatson01, helenacarter12, jkrowling19
Mirror of Erised (Sanna - 2 random spell markers): flick-swish-left-down-red, flick-swish-left-up-red
Mirror of Erised (Shalini - FAITH): tomfelton03, garyoldman05, malicious01, partners14, helenacarter06

12/03/14 - Sponge

New Decks: forgotten09, forgotten10, 15thanniversary-hbp14, 15thanniversary-hbp15, 15thanniversary-cos14, 15thanniversary-cos15, alluring14, alluring15

Wish (Elixabeth): CFcard02, backtothecup14

Wish (WINTER BREAK): howler06, abitdifferent12, alosingbattle07, theexecution05, technicallyaferret01, worldcup03, dumbledorefalls14, dobbyswarning01, threeturnsshoulddo03, narcissamalfoy01, backtothecup18

Wish (BLACK): abitdifferent09, howler05, dumbledorefalls10, theexecution04, backtothecup16

Wish (2 random markers): flick-swish-right-down-red, flick-down-red

Wish (FAITH): dumbledorefalls09, abitdifferent04, alosingbattle06, theexecution03, backtothecup15

Update Freebies: theexecution11, killedharrypotter04

thank you so much! :)

12/02/14 - Victor

CFcard28, chosenone02, fireworks08, king10, chosenone04, secondtask06, therightsort04, rupertgrint09, peverellbrothers02, sevenpotters16, theoryofcharms08, partners19, killedharrypotter04, peverellbrothers03, killedharrypotter05, secondtask10, chosenone05, king11, flick-down-red, flick-swish-right-down-red, fireworks09, killedharrypotter06, king13, secondtask11, chosenone06, forgotten01, forgotten02, protective01, protective02, 15thanniversary-cos10, 15thanniversary-cos11, 15thanniversary-hbp10, 15thanniversary-hbp11, cafeattack11, youreawizard12

12/02/14 - Crissy

New decks: alluring05, alluring09, forgotten04, forgotten07, notalastresort02, notalastresort15, arachnophobe11, fair06

1 Chocolate Frog card + 1 choice card: CFcard03, escapee19

W dobbyswarning16
I alluring01
N nymphadora11
T forgotten01
E escapee20
R hermionessecret02
B mudblood02
R threeturnsshoulddo04
E lastminutepoints02
A notalastresort01
K grimattack01

B dobbyswarning18
L alluring02
A nymphadora15
C hermionessecret03
K grimattack02

F forgotten02
A nymphadora16
I dobbyswarning19
T forgotten03
H threeturnsshoulddo06

Random markers: flick-swish-right-up, flick-down

#11 card: alluring11
Food card: lastminutepoints06


12/01/14 - Bree

New Decks: notalastresort02, notalastresort03, truegryffindor01, truegryffindor02, forgotten01, forgotten02, alluring01, alluring02
Mirror of Erised - Elixabeth: CFCard03, heartbroken12
Mirror of Erised - mariko: deathlyhallows107, fireworks04, princestalept102, princestalept217, maraudersmap17, riddikulus04, mudblood03, aftermath03, weasleys11, princestalept301, heartbroken13
Mirror of Erised - Aji: heartbroken16, deathlyhallows108, aftermath04, worldcup13, fireworks05
Mirror of Erised - Sanna: flick-swish-right-up-red, flick-right-red
Mirror of Erised - Shalini: aftermath05, weasleys12, fireworks07, heartbroken17, deathlyhallows109
Thanksgiving: deathlyhallows111, lastminutepoints08


12/01/14 - Brittany

Deck Maker: forgotten01, notalastresort02, protective03, fair04, truegryffindor05, arachnophobe06, alluring07

Update: forgotten02, forgotten03, protective04, protective05, alluring06, alluring08, 15thanniversary-ps01, 15thanniversary-ps02, 15thanniversary-dh11

Mirror of Erised: evillittlecockroach17, whackawizard01, evillittlecockroach18, hermionessecret01, threeturnsshoulddo02, deathlyhallows108, torture03, keeperofkeys04, 15thanniversary-poa14, killedharrypotter10, kiss17, abitdifferent14, deathlyhallows111, killedharrypotter13, technicallyaferret17, kiss02, technicallyaferret02, deathlyhallows119, illgowithyou08, threeturnsshoulddo16, whackawizard12, flick-left-red, flick-swish-right-down-red, CFcard34

12/01/14 - Jennifer

New Decks: 15thanniversary-cos02, 15thanniversary-cos05, 15thanniversary-ps02, 15thanniversary-ps05, 15thanniversary-hbp02, 15thanniversary-hbp05, forgotten06, alluring11

Wish: (Shalini, FAITH) 15thanniversary-gof07, 15thanniversary-hbp12, 15thanniversary-ootp06, 15thanniversary-poa04, 15thanniversary-dh07

Wish: (Aji, BLACK) 15thanniversary-hbp11, deathlyhallows107, 15thanniversary-dh06, 15thanniversary-cos13, prisonerofazkaban08

Wish: (Mariko, WINTERBREAK) deathlyhallows106, gobletoffire04, 15thanniversary-dh05, 15thanniversary-cos15, maggiesmith19, 15thanniversary-gof06, 15thanniversary-hbp10, 15thanniversary-poa03, chamberofsecrets06, 15thanniversary-ootp05, prisonerofazkaban06

Wish: (Sanna, 2 spell markers) flick-swish-right-up, flick-left

Wish: (Elizabeth, 1 choc, 1 choice) CFcard05, 15thanniversary-gof09

Freebies: (#11, food) 15thanniversary-cos11, youvegotdirt04

Thanks so much for the update, Kerri. Take all the time you need! I hope everything settles down for you. :)

11/29/14 - Kathryn

forgotten03, forgotten06, protective03, protective18, 15thanniversary-ps11, 15thanniversary-ps14, notalastresort08, and notalastresort19.

Mirror of errised -
1 Chocolate Frog Card of Choice - CFcard02 and 1 Choice card - breakin14.
W - deathlyhallows112, I - breakin04, N - extendableears13, T - aftermath10, E - dementedpt113, R - dumbledorefalls01, B - cosdobbypromo07, R - thirdtask20, E - advanceguard14, A - amortentiaantidote19, K - knightbus01. B - breakin17, l - extendableears01, a - aftermath02, c - cosdobbypromo03, k - knightbus08. 2 random spell markers - flick-swish-right-up-red and flick-swish-left-down-red. F - aftermath12, A - breakin17, I - knightbus11, T - extendableears15, and H - deathlyhallows110. #11 card of choice - cosdobbypromo11 and any card that features food - amortentiaantidote12.

11/29/14 - Maron

Mirror of Erised:
- CFcard07, peverellbrothers17
- deathlyhallows105, bride12, nymphadora15, helenacarter06, peverellbrothers19, aftermath01, mudblood01, forbidden02, evannalynch07, ministerisdead05, kiss06
- bride13, deathlyhallows106, nymphadora16, helenacarter07, kiss08
- flick-swish-right-up-red, flick-right-red
- forbidden03, nymphadora19, bride15, deathlyhallows107, helenacarter09

New Decks: alluring15, alluring19, forgotten01, forgotten02, notalastresort10, notalastresort14, protective09, protective19

#11: deathlyhallows111
Food: lastminutepoints08

Thank you and have a nice weekend :)

11/28/14 - Mariko

#11: fair11
Food: fair15
New cards: fair01/02, alluring07/19, arachnophobe08/18, truegryffindor14/20
Extra cards for donating: fair03/04
Wishes: fair05, CFCard03; deathlyhallows08, fair06, nymphadora03, sorcerersstone10, technicallyaferret07, narcissamalfoy03, halfbloodprince15, highinquisitor06, escapee02, helenacarter05, cockroach11; halfbloodprince17, technicallyaferret08, fair07, sorcerersstone11, cockroach12; swish-flick-down-right-red, swish-flick-down-left-red; fair08, cockroach13, halfbloodprince18, sorcerersstone12, technicallyaferret10
(These are kinda listed backwards, sorry!)

11/28/14 - Mewkeere

lastminutepoints04, not checkmate11 - for food (mis-paste)

11/28/14 - Mewkeere

Mirror of Erised:
Elixabeth - CFcard01, ollivanders18
Mariko - hogwartsexpress02, ollivanders13, todiagonalley03, nopostonsunday01, checkmate03, maraudersmap01, brewglory06, propertyof02, flyinglesson08, welcometohogwarts09, wizardbank02
Aji - wizardbank01, ollivanders14, welcometohogwarts11, checkmate04, blackfamilytree20
Sanna - flick-swish-right-up-red, flick-swish-right-down-red
Shalini - blackfamilytree16, hogwartsexpress04, ollivanders15, checkmate05, welcometohogwarts19
Update Choice Cards: todiagonalley11. checkmate11

11/28/14 - MoLi

Chocolate Frog Choice Card: CFcard02
Choice card: nymphadora19
WINTER BREAK: emmawatson08, kiss16, nymphadora08, torture09, prisonerofazkaban01, cockroach04, prisonerofazkaban03, nymphadora04, torture05, emmawatson10, kiss18
BLACK: prisonerofazkaban11, finalbattle02, nymphadora03, cockroach08, kiss20
Spell markers: flick-right-red, flick-swish-left-down-red
FAITH: prisonerofazkaban12, nymphadora02, kiss06, torture03, nymphadora01
New decks: forgotten06, forgotten07, notalastresort13, notalastresort14, arachnophobe08, arachnophobe09, alluring04, alluring05
Update choice cards: deathlyhallows111, nearlyheadless03

11/27/14 - Blair

New Decks: alluring16, alluring20, notalastresort05, notalastresort16, protective08, protective19, arachnophobe05, arachnophobe13
Mirror of Erised (Elixabeth): CFcard01, wonderful20
Mirror of Erised (mariko): wonderful02, alluring05, wonderful03, spoiledeverything02, spoiledeverything20, howler05
Mirror of Erised (Aji): blackfamilytree09, wonderful04, alluring19, arachnophobe01, king02
Mirror of Erised (Sanna): flick-right-red, flick-swish-left-down-red
Mirror of Erised (Shalini): wonderful08, alluring17, alluring14, spoiledeverything01, spoiledeverything02

Update Freebies: alluring11, youvegotdirt05

Thank you!

11/27/14 - Aji

- New Decks: forgotten01, forgotten02, fair01, fair02, alluring01, alluring02, protective01, protective02

- Update Freebie: partners11, dursleys14

- Mirror of Erised: CFcard06, massbreakout19; WINTER BREAK: brewglory06, maggiesmith07, helenacarter10, partners08, occlumency07, halfbloodprince06, massbreakout20, riddikulus02, organized02, acidpops03, blackfamilytree02; BLACK: brewglory07, helenacarter11, partners10, occlumency08, blackfamilytree03; FAITH: blackfamilytree04, halfbloodprince07, maggiesmith08, partners12, helenacarter12

11/27/14 - Shell

1 choc frog card of choice - CFcard08
1 choice card - alosingbattle05



2 spell markers - flick-swish-right-up-red, flick-swish-right-down-red


protective06, protective17, arachnophobe03, arachnophobe04, alluring04, alluring05, forgotten01, forgotten05 + arachnophobe08, arachnophobe12, alluring11, alluring12, truegryffindor08, truegryffindor15

food - lastminutepoints06

Hope things are all okay with you :)

Thank you

11/27/14 - Winter

Elixabeth - CFcard02, cleverness05
Mariko - wedding02, bride19, wonderful18, cleverness18, notslytherin19, acidpops02, kiss20, heartbroken01, cleverness17, youvegotdirt20, illgowithyou17
Aji -cleverness16, cleverness15, kiss19, wedding03, spoiledeverything20
Shana - flick-swish-right-up-red, flick-swish-left-down-red
Shalini - cleverness13, cleverness12, wedding04, kiss18, spoiledeverything19

New Decks - notalastresort11, notalastresort13, alluring20, alluring10, protective01, protective03, forgotten01, forgotten05

11 - notslytherin11
food - youvegotdirt04

11/26/14 - Nina

forgotten01, forgotten02, truegryffindo03, truegryffindo04, arachnophobe05, arachnophobe06, alluring07, alluring08

Elixabeth - CFcard37, extendableears06
mariko - extendableears08, extendableears12, orphanage09, orphanage10, youreawizard01, youreawizard04, veela04, veela05, jinxedbroom03, harryattheorder02, bigmistake01
Aji - bigmistake02, extendableears13, extendableears15, orphanage13, acrossthebridge01
Sanna - flick-right-red, flick-swish-right-down-red
Shalini - extendableears16, extendableears18, orphanage14, youreawizard06, aftermath01

#11 - youreawizard11
Food - youreawizard18

Thanks for the update! I missed these.