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New Students: Lyn, Mewkeere - Welcome to Gobstones!

New Affiliates: Brilliant

Level Ups: This whole time, I haven't been receiving any level ups and they aren't showing up in the weekly things in admin for some reason. So I apologize that this has been happening and you guys haven't been recognized. I really just thought that nobody was leveling up. :/ I will get this fixed! But this is what I could find from the last couple of weeks by manually going through the logs.

Vermillion (1>2), Cami (1>2>3), MoLi (1>2>3), Pauline (1>2), Bree (1>2>3), Kathryn (1>2), Aji (2>3>4), Sanna (2>3>4), Gosia (2>3), Shalini (5>6), Brittany (6>7>8), Nina (6>7>8>9), Crissy (6>7), Maron (6>7) :x

Masters: Bree (bonniewright, finalbattle), Brittany (acrossthebridge, howler, wedding), Cami (emmawatson), Crissy (breakin), Gosia (inthehogshead, occlumency, orphanage, thehearing, unbreakablevow), Kathryn (abitdifferent, fourthchampion, patheticallydim, todiagonalley), Maron (loony, patheticallydim, wedding, yuleball), Nina (dursleys), Sanna (unfairtactics), Shalini (howler, ifitrains, nopostonsunday, riddikulus), Shell (dhtriopromo, king, princestalept2)

Fang-o: Round 03 is now over! We are now starting Round 04, so clear your cards. If you have not submitted your Fang-o card to me yet, please do so asap! Here is the first set of pieces for Round 04.

Student of the Week: Congratulations to Shell for being student of the week! :)

Mirror of Erised:
Fanyxia - I wish more Halloween Kitten *Limited Edition* in the shop, because i clicked wrong and buy a Trick-or-Treat Bag^^ xD (I have added 5 more)
Nina - I wish that all games are updated this week.
Sponge - I'm currently re-reading all the harry potter books and this week I completed "prisoner of azkaban" - so I wish cards spelling POA for everyone :-)
Mewkeere - Choice card for everyone starting with each letter of the word GHOST


New Decks: You may take a total of 6 cards, but no more than 2 per deck! If you donated/made the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck!

I also madea different master badge for the mini deck "School" that we did in September.

Some new things that I added last Friday: We now have a "Who's Online?" section in the sidebar. Not exactly like it used to look when we used WordPress, but it does what it needs to do, so I'm happy. It took me forever to figure out, but I'm proud to say that I did it ALL BY MYSELF. ^_^ Also, profiles have been updated and rearranged! There is now an online/offline indicator (also on the student directory page for active members only) and a "last logged in" text, so we know who is actually visiting the site and staying active. You'll also notice that I added back the social profiles (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram), so you can add your username for each in the edit profile page.

Pets will be coming soon! Yes, most of you already have purchased pets from the Magical Menagerie, but you will be able to activate them in your trunk eventually and then there will be all kinds of fun stuff! Well, maybe not all kinds, but some.

Some of you received an extra reward for voting for the Narcissa Malfoy deck last week. I've decided that I will be doing something like that every week. I will choose a deck that I personally want released (but I won't tell you all next time), and if you choose the right deck, then I will send you an extra reward. Not saying you have to try and guess which deck it is.... still vote for the decks that YOU want released. But if you happen to vote for the one that I have chosen for the week, then yeah. You get the idea. :)

A lot of things are taking me longer to get finished than I had planned. Mainly getting the spell cards form up so you all can be rewarded for learning the spells. For some reason during this time of the year, I'm always shorter on time than I usually am. I will try my best to work on most things on my to-do list this week because there's a LOT to do! D:

I may or may not skip next week's update only due to the fact that I need to catch up on a lot of things that I've been pushing aside for Gobstones. I've been completely consumed in the TCG that I haven't putting real world stuff first. So uhm, yeah. Once I catch up on homework and chores, etc... everything will be regular again. I apologize about this. I always take on too many projects at once it seems. haha! But I will still update the weekly games on Monday and maintain other things, I just won't post an update. I hope that makes sense... >_<

Until next time. :) ♥
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10/29/14 - Lyn

POA: lastminutepoints20, brewglory01, davidtennant03
Ghost: gobletoffire10, halfbloodprince13, lastminutepoints02, kiss19, matchbegins01
New Decks: halfbloodprince12, halfbloodprince04, ministerisdead15, ministerisdead19, 15thanniversary-poa11, 15thanniversary-poa03


10/27/14 - Cami

New Decks: ministerisdead06, ministerisdead10, triwizardchampions02, triwizardchampions13, halfbloodprince05, halfbloodprince11

P - perspective01
O - wonderful12
A - abitdifferent14

G - organized01
H - evannalynch07
O - wonderful13
S - cleverness06
T - abitdifferent15

10/27/14 - Pauline

P princestalept301
O theexecution09
A blackfamilytree18
G garyoldman01
H harryattheorder19
O orderofthephoenix08
S spoiledeverything12
T theexecution16
New decks: ministerisdead17, escapee18, triwizardchampions19, 15thanniversary-poa01, halfbloodprince20, narcissamalfoy07

10/27/14 - Nicolie

New Decks: 15thanniversary-poa07, 15thanniversary-poa14, halfbloodprince05, halfbloodprince18, narcissamalfoy01, narcissamalfoy04

(P) acidpops12, (O) emmawatson08, (A) abitdifferent10

(G) gobletoffire17, (H) peverellbrothers11, (O) acidpops14, (S) emmawatson09, (T) abitdifferent16


10/26/14 - Sanna

New Decks: halfbloodprince03, halfbloodprince10, 15thanniversary-poa08, 15thanniversary-poa11, escapee01, narcissamalfoy04

&#8195;Mirror of Erised (Sponge): worldcup03, quidditchlesson01, veela07
&#8195;Mirror of Erised (Mewkeere): jkrowling01, quidditchlesson13, worldcup13, weasleys13, quidditchlesson19

10/25/14 - MoLi

New decks: 15thanniversary-poa10, 15thanniversary-poa11, ministerisdead04, escapee15, triwizardchampions03, narcissamalfoy05
POA: partners05, theexecution08, heartbroken20
GHOST: gobletoffire05, heartbroken01, organized20, sevenpotters13, theexecution20

10/23/14 - Vermillion

POA: partners15, wonderful01, evillittlecockroach04

GHOST: illgowithyou01, peverellbrothers05, wonderful04, perspective01, partners18

New Decks: triwizardchampions10, triwizardchampions17, narcissamalfoy01, narcissamalfoy10, halfbloodprince09, halfbloodprince11

10/23/14 - Sponge

New Decks: narcissamalfoy08, narcissamalfoy09, escapee09, escapee10, ministerisdead19, ministerisdead20

POA: backtothecup03, cos-moviecover13, inthehogshead16

GHOST: knightbus13, inthehogshead19, evillittlecockroach07, bigmistake05, thehearing09

thanks! :)

10/22/14 - Kathryn

Updates - triwizardchampions20, triwizardchampions17, 15thanniversary-poa14, 15thanniversary-poa01, halfbloodprince11, and halfbloodprince16.

P - cosdobbypromo13, O - acrossthebridge18, and A - blackfamilytree16.
starting with each letter of the word G - gobletoffire20, H - harryattheorder18, O - occlumency16, S - secondtask18, and T - thirdtask16.

10/22/14 - Crissy

POA: worldcup10, illgowithyou08, heartbroken07
Ghost: gobletoffire05, howler06, orderofthephoenix03, sherbetlemon10, theexecution03

New decks: escapee06, escapee09, narcissamalfoy08, ministerisdead11, halfbloodprince15, triwizardchampions18


10/21/14 - Shalini

narcissamalfoy01, narcissamalfoy02, escapee03, escapee04, ministerisdead05, ministerisdead06

Mirror of Erised: patheticallydim16, acrossthebridge07, finalbattle10, alosingbattle01, acrossthebridge09, alosingbattle02, alosingbattle03, finalbattle11


10/21/14 - Mariko

Wishes: prisonerofazkaban16, gobletoffire13, emmawatson07; gobletoffire15, cockroach06, prisonerofazkaban19, emmawatson09, sorcerersstone03
New cards: halfbloodprince01/02, narcissamalfoy04/07, escapee01/20

10/21/14 - Jennifer

New Decks: ministerisdead04, escapee09, triwizardchampions14, 15thanniversary-poa01, halfbloodprince06, narcissamalfoy12

Wish: (Mewkeere, GHOST) maggiesmith09, helenacarter20, garyoldman15, sorcerersstone09, gobletoffire12
Wish: (Sponge, POA) prisonerofazkaban04, garyoldman08, helenacarter19

Thanks Kerri! No worries about taking a break (or just doing short updates, whichever you go with), it's completely reasonable. You've done so much work on Gobstones since it opened that I think you've earned it! :D

10/21/14 - Fanyxia

- Mirror of Erised (Sponge): patheticallydim07, peverellbrothers02, alanrickman12
- Mirror of Erised (Mewkeere): hogwartsexpress20, patheticallydim11, peverellbrothers03, notslytherin03, blackfamilytree01

- New Decks: escapee01, triwizardchampions07, triwizardchampions12, 15thanniversary-poa05, 15thanniversary-poa13, narcissamalfoy04

thanks :D

10/21/14 - Bree

New Decks: triwizardchampions01, triwizardchampions02, halfbloodprince01, halfbloodprince02, ministerisdead01, ministerisdead02
Mirror of Erised - Sponge: rupertgrint12, alosingbattle16, heartbroken07
Mirror of Erised - Mewkeere: alosingbattle17, heartbroken08, worldcup08, deathlyhallows102, rupertgrint14

I don't understand the spell cards. Are we supposed to be always getting one for doing homework, or how do we get that? I haven't gotten any at all, no matter how much homework/games/whatever I do.

10/21/14 - Maron

Mirror of Erised:
- spoiledeverything15, fireworks09, nymphadora01
- spoiledeverything17, helenacarter04, fireworks10, peverellbrothers04, deathlyhallows101

New Decks: ministerisdead03, ministerisdead06, halfbloodprince12, triwizardchampions07, narcissamalfoy02, escapee20

Thank you :)

10/20/14 - Aji

- New Decks: escapee01, escapee02, halfbloodprince01, halfbloodprince02, narcissamalfoy01, narcissamalfoy02

- Mirror of Erised: POA: maraudersmap15, tomfelton11, unbreakablevow20; HOST: garyoldman09, helenacarter06, tomfelton13, maraudersmap16, massbreakout03

Taking a break is a good thing Kerri, otherwise you will burnout faster. One missed update will not be a bad thing.

10/20/14 - Victor

sevenpotters12, monsterbook03, danielradcliffe17, gobletoffire06, highinquisitor07, organized03, secondtask08, therightsort11, 15thanniversary-poa01, 15thanniversary-poa02, ministerisdead02, ministerisdead04, halfbloodprince01, halfbloodprince09

10/20/14 - Whitney

new decks: ministerisdead15, ministerisdead17, halfbloodprince09, halfbloodprince13, triwizardchampions09, triwizardchampions13
mirror of erised (sponge): (poa) maraudersmap10, orderofthephoenix15, veela05
mirror of erised (mewkeere): (ghost) wedding16, nymphadora05, propertyof20, princestalept207, princestalept305

thank you!

10/20/14 - Mewkeere

Mirror of Erised (Sponge/POA) propertyof08, ollivanders10, alanrickman17

Mirror of Erised (Mewkeere/GHOST): gobletoffire05, half-blood01, ollivanders07, secondtask15, todiagonalley09

New Decks: triwizardchampions07, triwizardchampions11, 15thanniversary-poa11, 15thanniversary-poa12, narcissamalfoy04, narcissamalfoy07

Thank you very much!

10/20/14 - Gosia

Mirror of Erised (Sponge/POA): perspective07, alosingbattle05, buckbeak07
Mirror of Erised (Mewkeere/GHOST): alosingbattle08, helenacarter03, half-blood05, perspective08, harryattheorder01
New decks: narcissamalfoy09, marcissamalfoy10, escapee09, escapee11, triwizardchampions09, triwizardchampions11

Thank you :3

10/20/14 - Nina

escapee01, escapee02, halfbloodprince03, halfbloodprince04, narcissamalfoy05, narcissamalfoy06

POA - princestalept205, organized12, ifitrains12
GHOST - misleading01, knight06, organized10, ifitrains13, princestalept304


10/20/14 - Brittany

Mirror of Erised: princestalept116, polyjuicepotion17, unfairtactics09, king10, evillittlecockroach05, polyjuicepotion18, princestalept118, unfairtactics10

Update: ministerisdead02, ministerisdead03, escapee01, escapee04, 15thanniversary-poa05, 15thanniversary-poa06

Deck Maker: ministerisdead01, escapee02, triwizardchampions03, narcissamalfoy04

10/20/14 - Shell

Yay, student of the week :D



ministerisdead16, ministerisdead17, escapee15, triwizardchampions13, halfbloodprince17, narcissamalfoy09

thank you

and thank you for all that you do for us, and all the extra cool things you add for us :)