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New Students: Fanyxia - Welcome to Gobstones!

Masters: Aji (alanrickman, emmawatson, evannalynch, orphanage, princestalept2, princestalept3), Bree (emmawatson, organized), Brittany (breakin, buckbeak, highinquisitor, partners), Crissy (evillittlecockroach, extendableears, imustnottelllies, loony, wonderful), Gosia (massbreakout), Maron (princestalept2, princestalept3, shesbeautiful, wonderful), Meg (knightbus, ollivanders), MoLi (evillittlecockroach, knightbus, spoiledeverything), Nicolie (forbidden, orderofthephoenix), Nina (breakin, dobbyswarning, flyingcar, flyinglesson, hogwartsexpress, inthehogshead, malicious, theburrow, theoryofcharms, welcometohogwarts, youvegotdirt), Sanna (fireworks, flyinglesson, jinxedbroom, matchbegins), Shalini (abitdifferent, fireworks, half-blood, ollivanders, orphanage, princestalept2, princestalept3, sorcerersstone), Shell (dhronpromo, organized, wedding, withfriends) - HOLY WIZARD! CONGRATS!

Games: Group A games have been updated!

Fang-o: Next set of pieces! :D

Student of the Week: Congratulations to Sanna! ♥

Mirror of Erised: A lot again this week! I'm feeling generous lately...
Aji - Maggie Smith just had her Birthday, so let's release her deck. (Happy birthday to her!)
Nina - I wish for cards spelling out Potterween!!
Cami - Choice cards spelling out PUMPKIN.
Mariko - 3 chances to pick a pumpkin next week instead of 1 (Do NOT play more than 3 times! Everything is logged!)
Shalini - A choice card for everyone starting from the first letter of their names.
Pauline - 100 Galleons please
MoLi - 100 galleons for everyone!
Nicolie - 50 galleons for everyone :)

I'll deposit a total 250 Galleons to everyone's account today! ^_^

New Decks: You may take a total of 6 cards, but no more than 2 per deck! If you donated/made the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck! (EDIT: Aji can take TWO from Maggie Smith)


HEY Y'ALL! okay, too southern.

So this update sure is a treat, eh? Lots of cards and galleons and EXTRA PUMPKIN PICKING! I'm actually going to allow picking three pumpkins every week for the rest of October. Because PUMPKINS. But I will warn you that I'll be switching prizes around every week. So. Yeah. ;)

Shell is the first in Gobstones history to win the Magic Lottery jackpot! YAY! She won a ton of galleons, which brings our jackpot back down to 2,000 G! Also,lottery numbers will now be drawn every other week. I don't have the whole lottery drawing automatic (yet) since I'm still a n00b at this whole PHP thing, but I'll figure it out eventually.

OKAY. Remember how your freebie items are not in your trunk? Well, I still haven't figured out a way to have you add them yourself. BUT I know it should only be robes and pets. SO whatever robes and pets are missing from your trunk, SEND ME AN OWL LETTING ME KNOW. Please be specific. Don't just say "robes" because you may end up a Ravenclaw student with Gryffindor robes. Same goes with the pet that you chose. Speaking of pets, there are some new kittens at the Magical Menagerie! THEY ARE ADORBS.

Also, the pumpkin candies and the trick-or-treat bags in the Halloween shop are worth something and you'll be able to trade them in in November for... whatever they're worth. haha! It's a secret!

Just to let everyone know... leveling up requires to trade a certain amount of cards. Not total trades. There was some confusion last week about this. Hopefully this means that a lot of you can level up, like, a bunch! Unless you aren't trading that is.... ;)

Classes are in full swing now, but if you haven't signed up, you still have a chance to! Everyone can view their grades in their panel underneath their class schedule. It's pretty rad. I love it. Also, this may be pointless to some, but useful for others... there's an apparate link in your mini panel in the sidebar! I will probably move it to the main menu, honestly, but yeah. What it really is in muggle terms is BOOKMARKS. Any pages that take you a million clicks to get to and that you visit frequently can go there. BAM. Less clickies!

OH MY GOODNESS. THREE OF YOU. Three of you have earned that secret avatar I was talking about in a previous update! You will be receiving an owl soon! ♥

QotW: I keep forgetting to ask questions during the updates... BUT HEY. Are you happy with your house? Because it seems that the majority of members who got sorted into Ravenclaw are no longer active here. And I want the activity for each house to be kinda equal because... sidebar... house points... *ahem* <--- Umbridge

If you are not happy in the house you were placed into, I'VE GOT A PLAN! Also, take any chocolate frog card for answering.

That's all, folks! :D
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