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New Students: Elixabeth - Welcome to Gobstones!

Masters: Aji (maraudersmap, tomfelton, unbreakablevow), Brittany (alosingbattle, finalbattle, king, polyjuicepotion, princestalept1, unfairtactics), Crissy (wizardbank, worldcup), Jennifer (bonniewright, davidtennant, garyoldman, helenacarter, jkrowling, rupertgrint, tomfelton), Mariko (chamberofsecrets, emmawatson, gobletoffire, howler, maraudersmap, orderofthephoenix, prisonerofazkaban, unbreakablevow), Maron (fireworks, spoiledeverything), Nicolie (abitdifferent, acidpops), Nina (15thanniversary-ootp, ifitrains, knight, misleading, nearlyheadless, organized, princestalept2, princestalept3, sister, wizardbank), Shalini (acrossthebridge, alosingbattle, brewglory, finalbattle, patheticallydim, peverellbrothers, trollboogies, youreawizard), Shell (cleverness), Sponge (cos-moviecover, inthehogshead, knightbus), Taty (cleverness), Vermillion (partners)

Fang-o: Here are the next set of pieces for round 4!

Student of the Week: Congratulations to Brittany! :D

Mirror of Erised:
Whitney - I wish for everyone to get 8 choice cards..one from each movie! :)
Aji - I really want some tea right now, so how about two cards that feature drinks.
Shalini - A retired member's member card for everyone
Lyn - cards spelling out autumn
MoLi - choice brown, yellow, and orange colored cards because i really want some candy corn right now!
Pauline - To remember James and Lily's death on 31st October 1981, #03 #01 #10 #08 #01 choice cards


New Decks: You may take a total of 8 cards, but no more than 2 per deck! If you donated/made the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck! Shell gets two from Mudblood!


Hey everyone! How have you all been the last two weeks while I was MIA? :)

I have to be honest, I'm just completely burnt out over TCGs right now. I think with me working on Gobstones almost 24/7 did it. But I'm not going to just give up and let it go. On average, it takes me about 4 hours to update on Mondays and then about 2-3 hours every day during the week answering emails, forums posts, etc. or working on the coding. I really think during the holiday season, I will update every other week instead of every week. This time of year gets wicked busy for a lot of us and I just think that it'll be best to make updates every other week until the holidays are over. I hope that's okay with you all!

I want to change some things around here to make it less time consuming to update as well. Nina mentioned a different way to do classes so it's not asking too much from the professors or the students and so you also get your reward right away. So the classes will change after the holidays. And remember that there are no classes during December because that technically our "summer break". haha! Which means that we are approaching year two fairly quickly! :) I will be doing a member sweep come January and we'll finally have a house cup winner! I can't wait!


You all may take cards (different decks) spelling out A-B-S-E-N-C-E since I've been away. ♥

Uhmmmm, hopefully I can get a new layout up by December so we can have some festivities. xD

Talk soon! xx
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