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New Students: Blair, Rainey - Welcome to Gobstones!

Masters: Brittany (cockroach, theexecution), Cami (abitdifferent), Crissy (heartbroken, howler, illgowithyou, kiss, theexecution, torture), Fanyxia (patheticallydim), Jennifer (alanrickman), Kathryn (acrossthebridge, blackfamilytree), MoLi (cleverness, heartbroken, loony, monsterbook, partners, theexecution), Nina (occlumency, theslugclub, todiagonalley, yuleball), Shalini (breakin, dumbledorefalls, narcissamalfoy), Shell (weasleys, wonderful), Sponge (bigmistake, evillittlecockroach, thehearing), Victor (danielradcliffe, gobletoffire, knightbus, monsterbook, riddikulus)

Student of the Week: Congratulations to Jennifer for becoming student of the week! :)

Mirror of Erised:
Elixabeth - My Desire is for everyone to have 1 Chocolate Frog Card of Choice, and 1 Choice card.
mariko - cards spelling WINTER BREAK
Aji - I would like cards that spell out Black for black friday.
Sanna - Can we have 2 random spell markers to make up for some classes not being updated this term?
Shalini - Choice cards spelling FAITH for everyone because I need everyone to put out a little positivity out into the universe for me (positive vibes!! ♥)

Games: ALL are updated EXCEPT for the trivia, Find Trevor and Distorted Card. Also, the last Fang-o round has been won, but I don't want to start another round until I can start working on Gobstones again.

New Decks: You may take a total of 8 cards, but no more than 2 per deck! If you donated/made the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck! Shell gets two from Arachnophobe, Alluring, True Gryffindor! Mariko gets two from Fair! If I'm missing anyone, let me know!


Hey everyone! I really hate that I can't properly update. Unexpected things have happened in my life and I've been preparing for a long and undesirable journey to get things straightened out. :( Because of all this, I am wicked behind with pretty much everything. I have posted some updates on the forum on what to expect after the new year. I'll be adding more shortly, but if you guys think of anything that slipped my mind, don't hesitate to let me know! My mind is a bit jumbled as of late.

I DID received more owls for Potterween rewards. I am going to try and get those out today for you all! I am so sorry for the delay on this!

I hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and weekend! Be safe and have fun! You may all take any regular #11 card of choice and any card that features food. :)
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