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New Students: Alecks, Nayah - Welcome to Gobstones!

Masters: Aji (blackfamilytree, helenacarter, occlumency), Bree (alosingbattle, deathlyhallows1, fireworks, heartbroken, rupertgrint, weasleys, worldcup), Brittany (deathlyhallows1, threeturnsshoulddo, torture), Crissy (forgotten, threeturnsshoulddo), Elixabeth (houseelf), Jennifer (15thanniversary-poa), Kathryn (aftermath, breakin, dementedpt1, extendableears), Maron (deathlyhallows1, deathlyhallows1, evannalynch, forbidden, forgotten, ministerisdead, torture), Mewkeere (checkmate, todiagonalley), Nicolie (cafeattack, emmawatson, gobletoffire, occlumency, peverellbrothers, princestalept3, prisonerofazkaban, pureblood), Nina (jinxedbroom, youreawizard), Sanna (quidditchlesson, veela, weasleys, worldcup), Shalini (escapee, forgotten, maggiesmith, ministerisdead, torture), Shell (deathlyhallows1, finalbattle, kiss, ministerisdead), Sponge (abitdifferent, alosingbattle, dumbledorefalls, howler, narcissamalfoy, theexecution), Winter (acidpops, cleverness, notslytherin)

Student of the Week: Congratulations to Mewkeere for making student of the week!

Mirror of Erised:
Betty - Three choice cards that begin with letters of your favorite Harry Potter characters.
Kathryn - A card of choice for each letter in the name LOGAN and #02 because my son's 2nd birthday was on Sunday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, LOGAN!) :)
Mewkeere - Choice 01, 20, 15 cards for the New Year!
Shalini - Cards spelling TRAVEL since I am moving to Dubai next week!
Nina - Cards for the word SNOW.
Jennifer - I wish for everyone to take twice as many cards from the new decks in this update!

Games: Only the automatic games are updated.

New Decks: You may take a total of 8 cards, but no more than 2 per deck! If you donated/made the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck! Crissy gets an 2 from Powerful, Nina gets 2 from The Ministry of Magic, and Shalini gets 2 from Will Be Famous. If I'm missing anyone, let me know!


HAPPY NEW YEAR! Take any #20 and #15 card!

I did a small update for you all. All automated games are updated which means the trivia, Find Trevor, Distorted Card, and games like that have NOT been updated. There's still a whole lot going on regarding my kids, so I'm still way behind on like... everything. Don't hate me, guys! :/ Like I have said in previous updates, I will try and work on the things that need to get done, but I can't guarantee too much until my situation is done and over with. It sucks, but that's just life and I'm sorry.
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