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Game Updates: Group B has been updated!

Mirror of Erised: Mariko -- 20 house points for the house with the least amount. (Rewarded to Hufflepuff!)

Student of the Week: Aji - Congratulations! - Pick up your rewards here

Welcome back, everyone! WICKED long update!

Here's the new site, which means we are completely WordPress FREE! OAKWP is complete and now we can move on to bigger and better things!

Before ANY of you can log in, you need to update your password here! After you have successfully updated your password, your login will be your username and the password that you've chosen. Everyone's username is what we refer to on the site. Examples: Kerri, Bloo, Mariko, Sanna, etc... Make sure you capitalize the first letter or login won't work!

Also, sign up at the forums! I hate that you all have to have two log ins, but it's what we can do for right now. ;)

Everyone's galleons and house points have been successfully transferred over as well as all items you have purchased in Diagon Alley! Also, the unbreakablevow deck has been remade by Brittany, so please update your cards for this deck!

Unfortunately, I don't have everyone's level ups or masters that were submitted to the forums. Those were difficult to obtain with how many topics and replies there were. Let me know if:

- your level is not correct (see it in the sidebar).
- you know for sure that you haven't been rewarded for mastering a deck.
- your name isn't on the deck page that you have mastered. (<--THIS IS IMPORTANT!)

I also lost all replies in the forums, but had already copied the actual threads a few days before I started the transfer. So everyone's homework answers are gone, but hopefully everyone was already rewarded. If not, let me know and we will get this fixed! I am so sorry! I will be putting all class info in the forums shortly like the syllabus and assignments. The forums will be kind of "blah" right now until I can figure out certain things. But feel free to post and whatnot!

The Welcoming Feast event is still active, but I disabled the 'Guess' and 'Find' games because I couldn't transfer the beans over to new hiding places. However, you all still have a chance to complete the mini mastery AND the winners of the giveaways have been chosen! Congratulations to Morilinde, Sanna, and Shell! Your prizes have already been added to your account. :)

Check out what's new with Gobstones!

- better TCG management
- automatic starter packs, level ups, masters, tokens, and other forms.
- trunks (inventory)
- common rooms have their own page, followed by a link to their specified forum

There will be some kinks some places since it was just Brittany and myself testing things out. We may have overlooked something, so let me know if something gets wonky! And if it does, it'll be 10x easier to fix now that WordPress is GONE. :D Oh the love!

I am aware of the following:
- smilies in the private messages not showing
- some images are too large for the content space
- shops need description and owner (who wants to help name the owners and write a description? I will reward!)
- upcoming decks page hasn't been edited after Christina sent me the code, lol
- there is no 'edit profile' yet
- professor payroll page will be added this week!

New Decks: You may take a total of 6 cards, but no more than 2 per deck! If you donated the deck, you may take an extra card from that deck! Nina gets 2 extra from Extendable Ears and Shalini gets 2 extra from No Post On Sunday since they donated during double rewards month!

Student Badge Image: Courtney and Mary;
Birthday Months: Michi, Kayori, Charlotte

Thank you to Brittany for helping me code the majority of the site and teaching me new things! You're awesome!

Nina was very kind and allowed Gobstones to use her private messaging script, and she assisted with helping me fix Ollivander's where it stores your wand in the database. (If you have already purchased your wand, let me know what your wand is in the comments so I can add it to the database!) She also sent me the sorting hat script so that way all the houses stay even because Ravenclaw is overflowing. xD

Maron guided me in the right direction for the inventory (your trunk) which holds all items that you have purchased in Diagon Alley.

Crissy and Nina helped tremendously by fulfilling their jobs as caretakers! I could not have possibly gotten finished with this transfer as quickly as I did if it weren't for you two!

All previous updates are archived on my computer, so if you need to view them, email me and I will send them to you! <3


Sooo, I wanted to do something a bit different now that we have been open for a couple of months and have a good bit of galleons in circulation. I'm introducing TAXES! Yes, I know. Not much fun for you all, right? But I'm wicked excited about this, you have no idea! xD Anyway... We will have upper, middle, and lower class witches and wizards (whenever I say 'upper class', I automatically think of Lucius Malfoy...), which will make some new services (coming soon) only available to certain groups. Of course, nobody will know who is in what class unless you choose to tell people how rich or poor you are. There will be benefits and downfalls to every class, so don't worry about "missing out" on anything... you won't.

Also, a percentage of the profits in Diagon Alley will go towards restocking the shops and the rest will go back into Gringotts, where all the money comes from! Which means if an item becomes out of stock, the shop will have to make money in order to restock. So far this month, Diagon Alley has made a total of 3,867 G before taking out taxes and restocking.

Just a note: All money that you are rewarded throughout the site is actually taken from Gringotts Bank (not your personal Gringotts vault, but the bank as a whole). Which means any money that you lose or spend gets put right back into Gringotts Bank. Recyclin' ya know? This system will also help determine how much staff gets paid and whether we have enough funds for special events, items for purchase, and whatnot.

Why am I choosing to do this? I like diversity. I like challenges. And I like to figure people out. This, along with many other things that will be introduced in the future, will make my heart burst with joy! ♥
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