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Last Updated: October 9th, 2014

01. Getting Started 06. Leveling Up & Trade Cards 11. Student of the Week
02. Policies 07. Mastering a Deck 12. Badges, Avatars, & Event Cards
03. School Year 08. Random Events 13. Classes
04. House Points 09. Currency, Items, Etc
05. Referrals 10. Spells, Duels, etc.

School Year

The school year at Gobstones is a total of three (3) months and a one (1) month 'Summer' break to allow for planning the next school year. There are three (3) terms per school year. New school years begin in September, January, and May.


Each year will require that you finish specific tasks before you can be promoted to the next year. If you fail to complete all of your required tasks, you have a chance to catch up during the break or you will be retained until all tasks are completed.

All students advance to the next year if they have completed all of their required tasks. You can find out what your required tasks are by visiting your student panel.

Classes & Extracurriculars

All students are required to take up to four (4) classes per term. You must register for classes during the registration period as spots for each class are limited.

Attending your classes on a regular basis helps you gain essential skills for dueling and being promoted to the next year. There are rewards for attending classes and completing assignments.

Students may join clubs to build their skills even further (or even just to have fun) or participate in work study. Work study allows you to have a job and get paid while in school.