We hope that this handbook provides reference to all things related to this game. If you cannot find what you're looking for or your question is not answered, please contact us.

Last Updated: October 9th, 2014

01. Getting Started 06. Leveling Up & Trade Cards 11. Student of the Week
02. Policies 07. Mastering a Deck 12. Badges, Avatars, & Event Cards
03. School Year 08. Random Events 13. Classes
04. House Points 09. Currency, Items, Etc
05. Referrals 10. Spells, Duels, etc.


Please be sure that you read through these policies very carefully.

Respect. This is the number one rule. Have respect for the staff and students at Gobstones. It's not that hard. Disrespectful behavior will not be tolerated in the least bit and will result in expulsion. No exceptions. Think twice before you decide to create drama or make a snide remark at someone.

Suitable Content. Gobstones is open to everyone and we would love it if the game stayed PG-13. Any images you upload to the site must be clean and appropriate for all ages. Curse words are not banned, but limit the usage of them.

Enrollment. On the enrollment application, you will be asked for a username. Your username should be your first name. It will be what you login with every day and what we refer to you as in updates and whatnot. Also, we ask that you try and stay away from using canon names. We would like to think of you as your own person, versus a character. Be unique with names and choose something different if the name you've chosen is taken. You can also add a SINGLE number after your name.

You must provide a valid e-mail address and website URL upon application. You will be unable to be accepted if these two are not in working order.

Earning. You may not earn any cards or play any games prior to your acceptance date. However, galleons and house points will be able to be earned because they are automatic.

Acceptance. Once you have submitted your application for enrollment, you will be pending review by the staff. Activities on the site will be limited for you until you are accepted. Once accepted, you will receive notification from the headmistress. From there, you will then be able to begin playing!

We ask that your starter pack is uploaded to your trade post within two weeks. If you need more time than this, please let us know immediately as this could lead to you being suspended.

Sorting. Once you have been sorted, there is absolutely no changing houses unless there are too many students in the house you were sorted into. Then the staff does have the right to place you somewhere else!

Activity. While we understand that life gets busy, we ask that your trade post is updated at least once per term (month). If your trade post has not been updated for two or more months, you will be considered 'inactive'. However, if you have given advanced notice to your absence and you have switched your status to 'hiatus' in your profile, this will not count against you.

Cheating. Don't do it. It's as simple as saying that. We have ways of finding out and we will definitely be checking. If found guilty of cheating, you will be temporarily suspended from Gobstones and will be given a warning.

Link back. Every single staff and student must provide a link back to Gobstones somewhere on their trade post.

Logs. We ask that you keep both a games log and a trade log. This is a requirement, and it really helps to find if your cards came from games or actual trades. This also speeds up the process when rewarding you for various tasks.