We hope that this handbook provides reference to all things related to this game. If you cannot find what you're looking for or your question is not answered, please contact us.

Last Updated: October 9th, 2014

01. Getting Started 06. Leveling Up & Trade Cards 11. Student of the Week
02. Policies 07. Mastering a Deck 12. Badges, Avatars, & Event Cards
03. School Year 08. Random Events 13. Classes
04. House Points 09. Currency, Items, Etc
05. Referrals 10. Spells, Duels, etc.

House Points

House Points are awarded or deducted depending on tasks and things on the site. Points are automatically added/deducted once a task is completed. Below are some ways you can earn (or lose!) house points.

Earning Points

  • +10 points: If an application has your name as the referrer.
  • +15 points: Quizzes/Exams that you take for classes.
  • +20 points: Every time you level up.
  • +25 points: Becoming the student of the week.
  • +40 points: Every time you master a deck.
  • +?? points: Random (contests, games, tasks, etc.)

Losing House Points

  • -5 points: Not being serious with the occasional surveys that are sent out.
  • -10 points: Not providing a link back to Gobstones.
  • -15 points: Having illegal content or profanity on your trade post.
  • -20 points: Playing games and/or collecting cards/currency before you received your starter pack.
  • -25 points: For cheating, not having an accurate log, and/or harassment.
  • -?? points: Random (detention, not completing homework/quizzes/exams, etc.)

With losing your house points, you also get warnings. These warnings could lead to being suspended or expelled from Gobstones.