We hope that this handbook provides reference to all things related to this game. If you cannot find what you're looking for or your question is not answered, please contact us.

Last Updated: October 9th, 2014

01. Getting Started 06. Leveling Up & Trade Cards 11. Student of the Week
02. Policies 07. Mastering a Deck 12. Badges, Avatars, & Event Cards
03. School Year 08. Random Events 13. Classes
04. House Points 09. Currency, Items, Etc
05. Referrals 10. Spells, Duels, etc.

What exactly is a TCG?

First off, TCG stands for 'trading card game'. It's an online game created so you can trade cards from a specific subject online with other members of the same game.

Gobstones is a trading card game based on the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling. It originally opened in the year 2005 with a domain, but soon closed. You can learn more by reading Gobstones: A History.

Gobstones: a game involving stones played something like marbles, in which the stones spit disgusting liquid at the opposing player when they lose a point.

We offer a unique twist on a Harry Potter oTCG with features including unlimited levels, years and terms, classes, and more! We also have it set up to where you can choose what you participate in. If you only like trading cards, you can do just that and only level up. If you like the idea of semi-roleplay, you can participate in classes, clubs, etc. and move up on years. Or you could totally enjoy both! It's totally up to the individual player and their activity on the site. But just know that members who participate in both receive extra cards, galleons, house points, items, etc.

Your Trade Post

A trade post is a website owned by you to display the cards you have earned and traded, and where you received them. Here is a list of things that you should have on your trade post:

  • The cards that you are collecting.
  • The cards that you are trading.
  • The special items that you are rewarded.
  • A trade log and a games/updates log that shows where and/or how you received everything.
  • The number of cards, card worth, your level/stats, a way to contact you, and a link back to Gobstones somewhere on your trade post.

Some other options that you can include are:
  • The cards you are keeping.
  • The cards you might trade.
  • The pending trades that haven't gone through yet.
  • A trade form.

If you need hosting for your trade post, you may apply at TradeYourHeart.

Please note that if there is not a preferred method of contacting you for trades on your trade post, the default method will be through private message on Gobstones.

Your Starter Pack

When you fill out the enrollment form, you will soon after receive a starter pack. This starter pack will include the following things:

  • Three (3) cards from the deck that you have chosen to collect.
  • Six (6) random cards from different decks.
  • One Hundred (100) galleons deposited in your vault.


There are a lot of ways to earn yourself some more cards, items, galleons, etc...

  • When you have a birthday.
  • Taking from the freebies.
  • Playing some games or participating in contests.
  • When you level up.
  • When you master a deck.
  • Registering for and completing classes.
  • Donating images, ideas, link buttons, etc.
  • Trading with other members of the trading card game.
  • And so much more!

PLEASE NOTE: When you trade cards with other members, the card you trade must come off of your trade post and the card you receive from the other member will replace it.