A sincere thank you to everyone who has contributed to making Gobstones what it is today!

I would like to thank Brittany for all of her help with coding and having so much patience with me while I learn! She helped code the majority of Gobstones and I am ever so grateful for her!

- Calico Original concept of online TCGs
- Home of the Nutty
- Movie Screencaps
Harry Potter Screencaps
- Kya Owl Emoticons
- Leaky Various Pixels
- Nina Card Claim, Melting Pot, coding help with Ollivanders and Sorting Hat
- Bloo, Christina, Maron Various coding and database help
- Smam Link Buttons
- Neopets Sooo much inspiration comes from them!
- Sin21 Current Theme

If you feel that we have failed to give proper credit to someone, please send the headmistress an owl directly.


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