2 comments  04.14.15

H E L L O W I T C H E S & W I Z A R D S !
I am doing a mini-revamp on the site since we've figured out what features work and what doesn't.
I've been a little unhappy with the way I went about doing some things, sooo....
When the site returns, everything will be clean and neat, PLUS a new layout!
I appreciate all of you for being so patient with me during the last couple of months.


UPDATE 3/30/15:
So here's what's going to happen to Gobstones...
Ever since the beginning, all I wanted for Gobstones
to be is a community of Harry Potter crazed fans
with the trading card game being something fun to participate in.

That is where I am going to take Gobstones.

The TCG will still be here as well as everyone's house points, galleons, etc.
But it will have a more community feel to it.
I want people to interact with each other and make friendships.
I DON'T WANT AND NEVER WANTED Gobstones to be some TCG where
nobody communicates and/or trades with each other.

A LOT of features are going to be removed so they can be worked on.
But they will be back in the future a little bit at a time.

I hope that you all understand and if you don't want to be a part of this, I will understand.

I love you all.

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